Noah Cyrus Defends Brothers Braison On Instagram After A Hater Calls Him ‘Ugly’

noah-braison-ugly (1)choahnoah-braison-ugly (1)noah-braison-ugly (2)Noah Lindsey Cyrus defended her brother Braison on Instagram, saying ‘shut up you know nothing’, after hater ‘luh.cyrus’ called him ugliest one in the family and that his sisters are all beautiful. Do YOU think that Braison is ugly or cute? Thx Emily!


    noah will slice a bitch!

  • Min

    Say what!?! Braison is piff!!! How can anyone find him ugly?

  • casey

    id actually say the ENTIRE cyrus family is ugly. miley is the best looking one in the group and shes not that cute either.

    not everyone is beautiful get over it. some people are pretty, some are smart, some are kind, etc. being called ugly is not the worst thing on earth. and obviously beauty is subjective. it is my opinion that the cyrus fam is ugly, other may disagree. not everyone is gonna like you in life. kids these days need to have some self-esteem and not get so butt-hurt about things.

    • Godney

      i dont actually agree with how you say this but i agree on what you say, i dont think the cyrus family is pretty at all… miley (sometimes) looks good but her hair did most of it.

      People really need to get over it. Just love yourself. People critize me alot because i love myself and i really couldnt care more if someone likes me or not.

      If noah didnt like that comment just delete it and block the person… done

    • anon

      I think Miley is good looking and Braison looks like Billy Ray he’s hot. Noah is like 10 so how can anyone call a kid ugly.

      • threelittlebirds

        she’s 14 actually, but still. she’s probably still going through puberty. even miley kinda had that awkward stage going on when she first started Hannah Montana

  • Tash

    He is actually the best looking from them all. Btw, I think that person just did that for attention. Hoping they will see it & respond.

    • threelittlebirds

      for some reason, i don’t think trace is all that bad looking. a little too many tattoos for my taste, but overall he’s not bad.

  • Cali

    What? I honestly think he’s the best looking out of all of them.

    Only miley with her previous style could really compete. Not now though

  • thecat61


  • Cici

    Braison is hot af. I hope he is of age so I don’t sound like a pedo lol. Miley can be gorgeous. Noah is so cute & still growing! I bet she will out shine Miley in beauty once she hits 21. Brandi looks a little weird to me, she got soooo skinny. Trish tries too hard. Billy is a nice looking older man for being under the amount of stress he is….and Trace, no comment. DId I forget any? haha

    • threelittlebirds

      haha no you got ‘em all. i agree with you on brandi tho. i always thought she had her own individual beauty, but as of now, i don’t know, she’s just as pretty as she used to be. the last time i saw a pic of her she had this brassy orange color, and it just didn’t look good on her at all. she looks pretty here tho.

      • Cici

        Yeah she can look really beautiful. She is her mom’s twin. I forgot there was another kid from Billys previous relationship, right?

        • threelittlebirds

          i think so, but you never hear about him. i don’t think Billy wanted anything to do with him, which is kinda sad.

          • Cici

            Miley was his golden child….now what does he have haha

  • UserGoneAnon

    That hater is SO wrong. Braison is the only one that doesn’t look like the child of an alcoholic horse.

    • threelittlebirds

      and what makes your comment any less hateful?



  • BrokenArrow18