Reigning Hollywood Socialite Joseph Jonas And Music Producer Nicholas Jonas Met For Lunch At Hugo’s In West Hollywood

Joe & Nick Jonas Meet For Lunch At Hugo'sBoy band singers Nicholas and Joseph Jonas meet for lunch at Hugo’s in West Hollywood, California on June 13, 2014. Nick is currently preparing the release of his second solo album! Photos: FameFlynet.

UPDATE: Pix of Joe, Blanda and Frankie walking HERE!

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  • aw

      tru <3

    • Fvhnj

      Haha holding hands what a joke

      • hudgens.

        You’re a joke

        • amy

          your life’s a joke :(

          • hudgens.

            Aw, don’t talk about yourself like that.

          • Fvhnj

            She was talking about you like that

        • Fvhnj

          The only joke on here is you sweetie

    • cam

      You do know that if you tap on the pic it will enlarge. Oh by the way Nick has either a phonr or a set of keys in that right hand. Dummy!!!

  • aw
    • Elianeth Salazar

      two of the most beautiful people!! haha ok i’m obsessed *fangirl*


    nick looks the best now, kevin gained too much pregnancy weight!

    • Anon

      No I think right now Joe looks best. Although Kevin’s been looking great lately.


    why doesn’t livia ever go to lunch with them, only blender does? is olivia too famous??

    • molly

      why do you talk like a 7 year old?

      • OCEANUP

        that’s mean!

    • hudgens.

      Because she has a life unlike Blanda who just follows Joe around getting paparazzi shots.

      • liza

        what life??? lol she is not famous, people know her because she is using Nick!

        • hudgens.

          She is famous. She was Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe. She’s a public figure, so yes. She’s famous in a different way. She has no reason to use Nick when they’re both irrelevant. That is your excuse for everything and it’s getting old.

  • Uio

    Haha joe jonas feet

  • roxanneXD

    SOCIALITE JOSEPH JONAS lol and #flopdjandmodel

    • amy

      roxanne #IrrelevantBitterHoe ?

      • hudgens.

        Stop talking about yourself like that!

  • Claire

    Aww nick looks sad I wonder what’s wrong ):

  • JUG

    Oceanup: If Joe Jonas is a socialite, why is he still on the Hot Uppers list? Doesn’t it reduce the prestige of the Hot Uppers list to have a socialite on it?

  • JoeJonasTroops

    I missed joick so much

  • Tash

    Oh Nicholas …. Look at that chest & those arms.

  • hhjb

    Joe’s pigeon-toed.

    • cam

      That’s not new. Have you ever watched him walk. Maybe that is why he would fall on stage or have the nickname Danger. To bad parents didn’t have it taken care of when he was a baby. There are organizations that will help pay for these type of problems if you can’t afford it. Probably could have been done w/o surgery. Such a shame.

  • hmmmmmm

    is that Erin Brady with them?!