Taylor Swift Fifth Album ‘Mostly Pop’

Beyond Fashion Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of ArtTaylor Swift’s upcoming fifth album will be mostly pop, Max Martin of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ’22’ worked ‘on most of’ her new album, while Big Machine Records label boss said that they don’t expect country radio to play her new pop songs.

‘Taylor fans are going to love it. Will country stations play a complete pop song just because it’s her? No. But when she comes to town, her friends at country radio will come and see her.’ Taylor and Selena should duet!

  • Anon

    Whether country or pop, she’s still going to slay the charts

    • HolyGround

      So trueee

    • Pamela Lansbury

      Whether country or pop, she’s still going to win awards with the name ‘country’ on them

  • sara

    damn. bad decision.

    • honesty

      Bad decision? Do you not see how successful she is within the crossover market? She will continue to slay.

  • threelittlebirds

    if its going to be mostly pop, shouldn’t she get a new record label? or she does have to be a certain percentage in order to be considered country? not sure how the industry works..

    • Mary

      She doesn’t have to change labels if she changes her genre of music. She just won’t be played on country radio or be eligible for any country awards. Besides she owns part of big machine records so I don’t think she’ll ever leave them, also they treat her very well since she’s their big money maker.

  • Kat

    Her recent album has been mostly pop anyways. We Are Never Getting Back Together was her first #1 single and that was very pop. I Knew You Were Trouble also did great on the charts. I think its a great decision. She isn’t that country anymore. It would be weird if she tried to force it. She is trying to take over the charts, and a pop album is more likely to do that.

  • hahaha

    Ha! I knew that whole shit of country singer was just a strategy to win more awards since she compeats in the country category which is much easier to win. I want to see her winning awards now that she’ll be competing with names like Gaga, Beyonce, Katy and Lorde. Bitch, bye!

    • Anon

      She’s already been winning over Pop artist so it wouldn’t be a struggle for her anyways.

    • .

      she’s won over michael jackson.. awards and who wins them has nothing to do with what u just said..lmfao

    • HolyGround

      Do you realize Taylor’s sales have crushed all those of the people you just named…Bitch bye.

  • Cici

    As long as they don’t continue to put her in country music categories all around…then whatevs. It was kind of wrong that she was still winning country awards for her last hits which were very much so pop.

  • Matt

    Call it polka she’s still going to be in top 3 in sales at the end of the year. Only difference now is that they’re finally going to stop pretending she’s country. I’m sure after she refills her pool of money she’ll get over it though.

  • Some Dude

    Only way I’ll be able to tolerate her music t b h

  • Jen


  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Good. Country is dead, and for hick losers.

  • anony

    ahh i was expecting a bit more rock/alternative after IKYWT