International Award Winning Recording Artist Selena Gomez Playing Piano And In Studio For Sequel To Her Hit Movie

selena-gram (1)selena-award-winning (2)Internationally award recording artist Selena Gomez is back to work and all of her Selenators are super happy. The music queen Tweeted: ‘Mavis is getting big. #hotelT2 ☺.. I got to play pretend tonight. I was many characters..’

The musical genius also Instagrammed: ‘It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.’ Are YOU excited to listen to Selena’s new recording work?


    nick is ogling miley’s new nudes :D

  • Cici


  • Lol

    A music genius? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

    • Lol

      I’m still laughing.. Such a joke.

    • Barbz21

      OceanUp is a troll, but they can stay delusional since their ”goddess” is close to flopping and ending her career finally I don’t have to mute radio when she comes up :DD

      • haha

        keep on dreaming

        • Delusional selenators

          It’s happening already bitch. Selena’s a flop.

  • barbiescunt

    LOL music genius?! I’m dying

    • thecat61

      Me too!

  • honesty


  • lmfao

    how is she a freaking music genius?! uhm but all of her songs from since her first start of singing career weren’t even written by her like the last two albums that were flops. her last latest album none of those songs were written by her they were written by different people other than her she was lying when she said she wrote the songs she’s a lying biatch shes not even great at singing live honestly all i hear is people probably wondering why cant i hear any voice and sh*t. her music aint gonna go to the top like miley’s does or even taylor swifts or any other singer. NO! i do not agree with this whole music genius thing the only people who are music geniuses is the people whose music went to the very top and got more than 1 million in sales sorry but shes not part of it

    • thecat61

      I’m thinking OU is throwing a bit of sarcasm here.

      ‘I got to play pretend tonight.’ Yep, that says it all.

      • OCEANUP

        we all know miley is the real ruler :P

    • sos

      Selena has 7 songs that sold more than 1 million of copies and two of those sold more than 2 million. Get your facts straight bitter bitch!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “The music genius..”
    Sarcasm is oozing all over this post.



  • Daney

    I wish she’d just stick to acting…

  • Well

    I wish they’d give her more control on things music wise, this is a girl who loves the piano, and slow songs, Etta James, Matt Nathanson, ballads…and they have her putting out fast paced pop songs. Have you guys seen that video of her and Joey King on the Ramona and Beezus set where they’re singing ‘Down to the river to pray’ ? (I can’t be sure that’s the exact title) That’s the stuff they should be singing! The soft stuff, that’s what suits her. She was taking acoustic guitar, drums and piano lessons (because she wanted to!) since before she started Wizards till she was 16, and then Disney said she didn’t ‘need them’ anymore with the kind of music she was going to do. They have such a need to make everyone this plastic pop star. Demi wasn’t that way in the beginning, and I personally think that her first two albums were her best, because you could tell they were genuine. And Bridget Mendler, Emily Osment and Debby Ryan,were/are the closest were going to get to any of them doing their own thing. Does Disney give them big platforms? Yes , but they also pigeonhole, them. They all could doing so much more, if Disney would accept diversity.I know Selena isn’t with HR anymore, and Debby never was, but my point still stands.

    • tom

      selena doesnt have the voice of a singer and she dont havee the pasion either, if she would had been a real musician, she will had keep going to learn instrument no matter what disney said because she has passion for it, but she doesnt, miley knows how to play all type of instruments because she always using them because she has passion for music she grew up around music, is normal for the entired family to play instruments, miley loves music selena just pretend why dont she goes and take lesson and learn music notes, no she more interested in traveling and following her boyfriend, she had more vacation than any disney star i know, she was always in a vacation with bieber, in mexico, dominican republic, europee, hindu, all i see is her mostly on vacation and feeding her fame from bieber instead of practicing for her work, she hardly works she made her parents do all what she was suppose to and now that she fired them she falling faster than an orange.

      selena by the way stop trying to copy from miley movie her playing the piano you always doing this miley does something you have to copied the difference is miley actually play the piano and is talented and she dont have to pretend like all you do.

      • haha
        • tom

          lol we dont see her playing the piano all we know she might be pretending to play the piano like she always does! we dont see her hands actually doing it.

      • Godney

        wow i had no idea miley was the only one playing the piano !!

    • Godney

      i like her pop songs but she should sing more slow music it will suit her voice better.

  • BritneyS

    Can’t wait, I want video where she plays the piano.

    • Godney

      She needs her “Everytime”

  • M

    I don’t get why the fact that she sings annoys you people so much ?
    She does it for her fans that like her songs, if that makes them happy who cares? They love it they listen to it, you don’t then turn the radio down and let her be. So much drama and hate for no reason.
    Everyone loves diffrent types of music.

    • haha

      They’re afraid she ends up being very successful

      • Cali

        LOL It’s been four albums none of which have made it pass 100k their first week on the charts.

        Even Ariana beat her record with her first big album. You can keep on dreaming.

        • haha

          She beat her in her 1st week but not on overall sales. Ariana not even sold 600K ww so far whereas where Stars Dance is past 800K and Ariana had a lot of hype and Selena cut her era short.

          • Cali

            Yes first week but considering she’s on her first album she’s doing ten times better than selena and her show wasn’t as popular.

            Sel has been going at it for several years and she’s nowhere near those numbers even with all her publicity from Disney. And I heard a lot more about her back then than about Ariana even as a fan.

            Ariana got a top ten single and a number 1 album already. she’s got a #2 on the singles charts for Problem on her second album and it’s not even out yet.

            If you’re expecting Selena to be anything more than B or C list for either acting or singing. You can keep on waiting lol

          • haha

            So? Disney kids songs was not even send to radio back then, and promo for it rely on Disney Channel. Ariana has a real label and professional management. So much people has had hits on the past years and then disappeared: eg Carly Rae Jepsen, Nelly Furtado. Stand the test of time is the real threat. Not saying Ariana will fade I hope not, she deserves sucess more than Selena tbh, but until now she only has 2 hits songs that sold less than Come and Get It so far. She has no album sales, tour receipts, it’s very early to brag. Selena sold almost 20 million of records. Nobody can predict the future.

          • Cali

            “Nobody can predict the future.’

            Course not

            “sold less than Come and Get It so far.”

            Selena is on her FOURTH album I’m comparing her FIRST album with where ariana is now with her first and second and Ariana is WAYYY ahead of her. That’s what I’m saying. If Ariana keeps it up she get really big. If sel cant do it after four then she is not going to be “very successful”.

            It took her four albums to get where ariana is now. Far as I see ariana has more bragging rights than Sel. Sticking around for years is nothing to brag about if you’re mediocre and nowhere on the charts. Plenty of pop stars are doing that and no one is checking for them.

          • haha

            Selena first album sold 1.5 million, 2.5x Yours Truly numbers, Naturally sold more than 2 millions of copies, only thing in Ariana advantage is that she made a top #10 of her first album, nothing more. Charts is not everything, Paramore just got their 1st top 10 this year, do you mean they are less sucessful than Ariana and Selena? But we have to wait and see

          • Cali

            Yours Truly Album: released 2013 sold 410,000 as of April 2014

            Kiss and tell: released 2010 it sold 1.5mil after three years in 2013 debuted at number 9 and sold 66,000 vs. Ariana 100k her first week

            You’re comparing 3 years of sales vs. 1 year

            ‘Charts is not everything”

            Selena makes meaningless pop tunes like Katy perry charts are everything for that kind of music as it is not art. It’s pushed by the record labels to make MONEY because it’s what sells well these days. Paramore is good not because they’ve been around for a while they’re good because they’re actually talented. They just don’t get attention because the music they do is not pop fodder like most of the public likes. Selena can’t write her own music nor can she sing it well.

            When you’re thinking of pop music the thing that’s played on the radio non stop shoved down everyone’s throat constantly backed by labels that have the cash to promote it If you dont have top tens and top fives after all that promo, you’re not doing well.

          • haha

            Kiss and Tell got certified Gold 6 months after its release date while Yours Truly is not Gold yet almost a year after.

          • Guest

            “Kiss and tell released on September 29, 2009 by Hollywood Records”

            “In March 2010, the album was certified Gold in the United States, for shipments of 500,000 copies.”

            It took her a year to get gold in the U.S.


          • Sonny

            Please count the months between September and March . I have little faith in this generation

          • johnny


  • BangBang

    But is she going to sing now, act or do both (or nothing)?

    • whoknows

      Music and Hotel Transylvania 2 for this year I guess

      • BangBang

        So mostly music?

        • whoknows

          I guess so. It looks like her new team at first is trying rebuild her image with more high class events(Met Gala, American Ballet Theatre Opening Night) and tone down the over exposition(less paparazzi photos).

          • tom

            thats right rebuild a fake image because we all know she isnt what they trying her out to be she fake, fake,, and a hypocrite.

  • BangBang

    I don’t know why but that first picture scares me a little bit.

  • Cali
  • anon

    Disney Channel fans are so bitter. :D
    Life is not that serious!