Lorde, Ariana Grande + Kylie And Kendall Jenner MMVA Rehearsal Photos Toronto

ariana-mmvaskendalllll (2)Ariana Grande, Lorde + Kylie & Kendall Jenner rehearsing for her performance at the Much Music Video Awards tomorrow in Toronto, Canada on June 14, 2014. Photos: FameFlynet, PacificCoastNews & @Chenniferr!

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  • ok

    if ariana grande does that same stupid dance and sings that same stupid song i will-

    • honesty

      Haha, she kind of has no choice since it’s the only new one out. Unless she starts with snippets of other songs and then it turns into “problem”. It’s probably going to always end with problem since it’s her new song.

  • Guest

    I hope they pull this shit off as hosts..

    • Guest

      they didn’t.

  • Jared


    Feelings I feel as I read this post:

    1.) Oh, Ariana. Pretty, talented, Ariana. Between the constant monochrome wardrobe and that song same silly song and dance over and over… you are very, very, very close to becoming boring and/or predictable. Also, your hair color is too close to your skin tone. You have millions and have endless stylists at your disposal. Please use them.

    2.) It’s very clear that Kendall and Kylie have had absolutely no direction in their life whatsoever. So, the looks on their faces are pure expressions of how distasteful it is for them to be what to do. You can’t be wild and do whatever the hell you want for this. This is called a *job*. You have to do what someone hired you for. And taken into consideration that you were handed this job (which I’m sure the producers of the MMVA awards will regret) you could, at the very least, show a little respect and be a little more appreciative. This isn’t just a vehicle to get you both publicity and give you plenty to humble brag about on your clueless Twitter pages and that vessel of vanity of your Instagrams. This is a chance that was taken away from an up-and-coming artist, host, or actress/actor who have talent, have a purpose there, and who worked hard enough to be qualified for your job… and who very might be upset that you got the chance they always wanted. Plaster a grateful smile on your face, for fuck’s sake.

    3.) Lorde, gloomy and grim Lorde, (who isn’t even my favorite) is smiling her ass off. Probably because she knows she will be the highlight and is currently the most successful of this whole bunch. All she’s thinking is, “These American bitches. I’m weird as fuck, and I’ve got respect, credibility, and Grammys. I’m fucking Lorde. Queen bee. Fear me. I laugh at you peasants.”

    How right you are, Lorde.




    • stahp

      oh my god

    • Emma

      I think you meant “for them to be told what to do” but otherwise, you got it spot on.

    • im dying

      i HATE lorde but i agree with this! between all of them, she’s the best and thats both hilarious and sad…

    • Ghil

      She was really nice, she was talking to few people when I was there.

  • Barbz21

    My Queen Ari slays and looks flawless.

  • honesty

    Can’t wait!

  • Anomnom

    So excited it for the show tonight only reason being because of Hedley. Sucks that Dave can’t make it but congrats on the baby Dave, you will be missed on the stage tonight. Won’t be the same but congrats. And Marianas Trench is here too. But ya Hedley all the way tonight, hope they do Crazy For You. Also I do t agree with the co host. The best co host were the first ones which were the jonas brothers then the year after that with Miley Cyrus. I think Jimmy Fallon should’ve hosted, it would be one hilarious night, one that will never be forgotten. It would be the best MMVA ever!!!! Anyway HEDLEY!!!! I voted for them non stop :)

  • oh

    wow, Ariana head looks so big in this pic!

  • oh
  • Chenniferr

    yay! you guys used my photos!!

  • MMVA

    Does anyone know what channel in America that you can watch the MMVA’s? Or a link? Please!

    • threelittlebirds

      There’s no channel, but I think you can live stream it on the website.

      • Jenna-Lynn

        I thought it came on the Fuse channel.

        • threelittlebirds

          Not sure. It might. I’ve never watched it so I dont actually know

  • Pamela Lansbury

    Kylie “What I’m doing here? Where I am? Who I am?”

  • Dash

    Lol Kylie looks like “I don’t know if I can do this”