• Rafaela

    So? I’m 20 years old and kiss my 25 years old on the lips. It’s just a quick peck, it does not in any way means I am attracted to her like that. She has a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend. My sister is my best friend and we always kiss each other since we were little.

    • Clauber

      I dont think oceanup is saying that its bad. Miley sister is close to her, She is partying with her sister and She is like 17

  • Tash

    Stop being moronic OU. This time around you’re being a perv instead of Miley. That’s her sister! My mum & aunt kiss me on the lips all the time. It’s no biggie. And we are strict(extremely annoying Indians). So if we okay it, you know it’s all good!

    • Jes

      how are they being a perv? they wrote nothing bad

      • Tash

        Trust me, OU always has ulterior motives. They are just waiting for someone to catch their drift & be an idiot & say it’s inappropriate or disgusting because of Miley kissing others etc. No one bit though. We know them too well.

  • Aaa

    Noah is 14?
    Woah did not know that. Thought she was way older…

    • threelittlebirds

      from the way she dresses, one would think she’s like 17 or 18

  • thecat61

    This is the cutest pic. <3

    Hey OU! Where's the pic of Miley in her red bikini poolside in Barcelona and the 'supposedly' kiss with Cheyne?

  • TrueSmiler

    Just an notice to the retarded people, the question is the Noah’s age to show this in public.

    Anyway, I don’t care, fuck it.

    Miley = Boring slut.

    • thecat61

      HAHAHA HAHAHA! ‘ TrueSmiler = boring slut!
      and ignorant. Anyone who uses the ‘R’ word is totally childish.