Taylor Swift Plans To Be A Movie Star

taylor-met-2014Taylor Swift desperately wants to become a movie star, reports Radar Online:’Taylor badly wants to be a movie star. She’s determined to prove herself as an actress and not simply a singer who dabbles in movies.

Taylor has been offered $10 million to make a concert film like Justin Bieber, but she doesn’t want to sink that low. She doesn’t just want to be known as a singer, so she’s trying to get aligned with some high profile, non-musical productions.’

Her commercials are shot by top directors: ‘The directors are asked to encourage and nurture Taylor’s acting skills above all else. Still, the clock is ticking and..

..Taylor’s reps are intent on having her locked into a potential breakout role before the end of summer. She’s finished her new album and is now busy reading every script she can get her hands on.

  • Emmy

    Who knows if this is true? If so, the best acting training she can get is in the theatre.

  • BangBang

    Does anyone know if she can act?