Victoria Justice Wavy Hair And Pink Polka Dot Dress Attended Max Mara Party With Avan Jogia

victoria-justice-wavy-hair (6)Victoria Justice rocked wavy hair and a pink polka dot dress!

+ covering Zedd’s ‘Stay The Night’!


  • Cici

    Can she stop now. It’s never going to happen

  • hawkgirl

    is she still popular?

  • Emmy

    I kinda feel bad for her at this point. Victorious had a lot of talent in the cast and perhaps she thinking about herself ended up biting her in the ass. It’s a shame.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She shouldn’t have gotten the show cancelled. It wasn’t on long enough for her to make such a decision then think she was going to go far. She should have rode that show to fame but noooo she had to hop off before it was time to. Now she’s paying for it.
    It’s kind of embarrassing.

  • laura

    On another note, Avan Jogia is fucking hot.

  • jfjfjfjfj

    Victoria didn’t get Victorious cancelled. Nickeloden already said Ariana Grande was lying about that. Or rather ‘mistaken’. And Nickeloden had no reason to come out and defend Victoria , aside from telling the truth, especially because Ariana still had a contract with Nick, and Victoria didn’t. They wouldn’t go against one of their own stars for nothing. And the reason Ariana gave just sounded bogus. I mean saying that they cancelled Victorious because Victoria wanted to go on a solo tour, instead of a cast tour, so they cancelled the show? I mean really? It doesn’t make sense especially since when Miranda Cosgrove was doing her dancing crazy tour, they still continued icarly, even when it meant she was barely in a few episodes. They wouldn’t just cancel a show that was /finally/ rising in ratings, unless it was for something they thought could get them better ratings. Jennette and Ariana both confirmed that Dan Schnider (the producer and creator ) came to them with the idea for Sam and Cat before iCarly was even over. They wanted to capitalize on some element of success from icarly, (And Miranda was going to college, Nathan was done, and Noah was supposed to get his own show) so they went with Jennette who didn’t even want to do it, but agreed for Dan and Ariana. Also a former producer at Nick who didn’t care about preserving the shows ratings, confirmed that every show (Bucket and Skinner, How To Rock, ECT…) we’re all being cancelled for Sam and Cat, because it’s so expensive to produce, and supposed to be a cash cow.

    • guest

      Nickeloden was just doing damage control when they said Victoria didn’t cancel the show as infighting and secrets spilling damages the network

      • jfjfjfjfjf

        But, in doing so, they made Ariana look like a liar, multiple times over, and like I said it was confirmed that Sam and Cat was in the works for a while, because Victorious’ ratings weren’t good ( as good as iCarly) until it was towards the end, ironically. And now Sam and Cat doesn’t have the ratings that iCarly, nor Victorious did.

        • guest

          They were calling Ariana a liar but corparations will always lie to make it seem like everything is OK. I will belive an emotionally charged quick response from Araina or jenatte than a damage control PR statement from Nicklodeon.Nicklodeon says everything is fine with sam and cat but we know from Jenettes postings from a few months ago thats not true.

          Ironically Ariana is now doing the same thing Victoria did in trying to break away from Nick.Diffrence is Victoria tried to leave when she thought she had a huge music and acting career in her future while Ariana waited until she had established a career as a music star before trying to leave.