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2014 MMVA Showariana-behindAriana Grade & Lorde perform at Much Music Awards 2014.


  • Zaina777

    Why does Ariana get away with acting sexy? She’s still on a kids show.

    • honesty

      Because it’s not so believable. Haha. She has a baby face and is tiny.

      • Zaina777

        That makes it worse. Miley at least left Disney and had her new image all figured out before she starting acting all slutty.Miley also had that growing up phase on her show. Whereas Ariana was like the background character on Victorious and no one really cared about her. Miley was also smart on her show and she didn’t come across the same way that Cat does like an idiot. No matter how much I dislike Miley’s new image and behavior she still gets way more criticism than Ariana does.Ariana is doing the exact same thing that Miley is doing. She’s just using her outstanding vocals and she’s playing on how young and innocent she is to cover it up.

        • Jared
        • Clauber

          Well we have not see Ariana smoking pot or posting nudes

          • Zaina777

            She doesn’t have to she’s still a tamer version of Miley though.

        • honesty

          All Ariana has done is wear two piece outfits. And even when she does “sexy” moves she looks like an awkward child so it’s like it isn’t real. But to answer your question more directly: she’s getting away with it because she is more famous as a singer than an actress so people view her differently. She’s viewed as a 20 year old singer generally which makes more mature things acceptable to do. Now if she was currently on a show as big as Hannah Montana and doing the sexy moves with confidence and genuine sex appeal behind them, then she would be viewed as her character and be getting hell for it, but Victorious and Sam and Cat weren’t anything compared to HM in terms of popularity and Ariana is clearly uncomfortable with her sexuality. Hannah Montana was a billion dollar empire and Miley was being sexy with conviction. That’s the difference.

    • whindy

      because she doesnt do a very good job at acting sexy

  • Becki Spence

    Ariana’s public persona is just odd.
    She gives off this butter wouldn’t melt personality – might be the real her, who knows – very innocent, very young almost naive type of deal…but on the flip side it seems like she is slowly trying to morph into this “sexy” pop star.
    It is fine for her to do that since she is 20 or whatever, but it is strange that she is trying to team up innocence with promiscuity. She’s got an amazing voice, she doesn’t need the gimmicks.

  • ayy lmao make is stop

    Screaming time…

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    #1: If you are going to release a single that features someone else you should make sure that person is available for every live performance.

    #2:Can she get a new choreographer?!?! This style of dance doesn’t go with her. She looks stiff and awkward. It’s the same choreography every live performance!! I could do it in my sleep.

    #3: ENUNCIATE ARIANA ENUNCIATE. I have no idea what the hell your saying.

    I love this girl but wowsa!

    • Anne

      It’s weird how selena did the same choreography for come & get it @ all the award shows, but nobody really said anything because she changed her wardrobe each time. Maybe ariana should have done that from the beginning

      • JC

        why people keep comparing selena with every person? miley, ariana, demi etc… jesus what’s the obsession with her?

        • Jes

          I think she compared her because she is the only other person doing a routine dance that has been the same since she first released it.

          • JC

            i don’t think so.

    • Jared

      Your list is the same as mine. But you spelled Enunciate the right way. :)

  • HellNo

    shes really gonna performe the same song every fucking award????

  • Lmao make it stop

    Ummmm…. no, she looks uncomfortable and she’s trying to act sexy but like her face doesn’t math with the dances just stop lmao just stop I can’t

  • Hollyhysteria

    Same performance, different show..

  • Mary

    She’s supposed to be an actress why can’t she use her face to make better expressions? She looks super awkward & like a deer in headlights most of the time.

    • iWizard

      ‘Cause she’s not a very good actress…

  • Kurdt Kobain

    she still looks awkward to me :/

  • hudgens.

    She needs to get better dance moves and stop copying off Mariah Carey.

  • Jared


    1.) She’s adorable. But she tries too hard to come off as sexy. You cannot attempt to be sexy and look 12 at the same time. It’s creepy. I think that’s why she keeps that ponytail look- it exsentuates her youth. (And I’ve seen plenty of stars who look younger than her who don’t dress or wear their hair as if they’re still in adolesence. They dress their age. They don’t take advantage of their callow appearance because they want to be taken seriously. Selena Gomez, Maia Mitchell, and even Elle Fanning. They’re all baby-faced. But they don’t purposely dress like a teenager unless they have to. She’s doing the Lolita look on purpose.) We get it, though. You naturally look like a doll and are just darling all around. But you don’t need to try to be sexy just to have appeal. It comes off as artificial.

    2.) Speaking of artifical… she’s so controlled. I can count on one hand the time she actually looked like she was having a good time as opposed to when she looked like she was a performing robot. It’s like her number one priority, above her singing, dancing, remember the lyrics, and remembering to interact with the crowd is to be and appear perfect at all costs. She has no personality. And that little bit that comes through is just has a bitchy air to it. Again.. you’re adorable, you have the voice of an angel, and you have a large fanbase. You should be very gracious, and at least seem humble.

    3.) Dancing is not your strong suit. Don’t do that. I could understand if you had two or four dancers and you wanted to be apart of the ensemble… but you have at least 20 people up there. Just sing. (I do applaud her for not lip-synching and sounding very nice while dancing.) Also… can you change the choreography? I’m reminded of comedians who go on late night talk shows and tell a story, only to go to a daytime talk show and tell the same story. Please change it. Because it’s basically the same performance every single time.

    4.) That person who tried to yank her down should be banned from front row performances. It will only make other people try to do the same things to performers. She could’ve gotten hurt and it could’ve hurt some people in the audience. That’s not funny nor cute.

    5.) Just like the dancing, she needs to learn how to pronounce words. Her diction while performing is TERRIBLE. You can barely understand her. Annunciate. If you can’t do it in studio, let alone live, where you can’t understand the lyrics… either get a new song or change the production. Not to mention, this song is now considered annoying. What would bring this song back to interest is if Iggy took the beat and made an entire rap to it, instead of one small verse… because truth be told, she’s what makes the entire song.

    6.) Concerning #5, I take all of that back. If she was smart with her marketing and hype… she would’ve and should’ve performed a brand new song- the one she’s been filming a music video for. Scooter Braun is slacking, I see.

    7.) Why was this the finale? It’s bad enough those Jenners had to host, but this is the finale? Out of all the performances? Speaking purely on what I personally liked on the stage, Imagine Dragons was the best and should’ve been the closing number. And based on the larger fanbase, Lorde should’ve been the closer. Even Ed Sheeran. This was not a finale number. An older song (by music standards) that has gone farther because of the rapper more than the song shouldn’t have closed a major award show. It would be a different story if Iggy Azalea was actually there and transitioned into “Fancy.” This would’ve been a better opener. But this shouldn’t have been the finale.

    8.) I think when she twists her ankle or falls on stage, she will finally get rid of those go-go boots. Once again: looking 12 and being sexy do not mix right, especially when you are deliberately trying to be both at the same time. It feels wrong.

    9.) Come to think of it… whenever Iggy can’t be there, why can’t Big Sean be there a deliver a different verse during the rap part? He did do part of the chorus. It would hype her song to a new set of fans and it would be an excuse to interact with someone that isn’t a backup dancer that she’s strictly acting flirty with for sex appeal, as opposed to her doing it naturally in tune with the song. And honestly… he’s not doing much else, is he?

    10.) She should study her movements while performing more. She seems very meticulous about her voice, but she’s so awkward while singing. As if she doesn’t know what to do with herself unless she has a set of dance moves already positioned for her to do, and even those are stiff. She has a lot to work on. She’s a star by her voice alone… but she is an incomplete one.

    11.) Seriously, Imagine Dragons should’ve been the finale. That was a show.

    • Elianeth Salazar

      i didn’t read all of your post, you really have much time left dude!! but i love you gif at the en so thumbs up! hahaha!!

  • Matt

    She doesn’t seem to have much of a personality. I mean Beyonce or Rihanna or Adele all ARE who they are portraying. Mary J Blige or Alicia Keys don’t need someone to artificially manufacture them an image to portray they can just be themselves. Also if I was her producer I would put a shock collar on her and zap her every time she starts talking like Cat. I would plaster the word enunciate all over the studio.

  • Clauber

    2:35 LOL Ariana :)

  • BangBang

    I’m really trying to like this song but ugh I just can’t (but I do like the beat!). This performance was kind of boring, nothing we haven’t seen before. I didn’t really like her vocals in this performance.

  • JC

    she’s not confident about her body, dance, or music! she looks stiff, like she can’t even dance!

    girl just stick with the strong voice, quit the dance moves and that ”tried to hard do be sexy and failed” and focus on your voice please. you can do wonders with it