Justin Bieber Criminal Vandalism Charge

nick-jonas-rock (8)Justin Bieber is officially a convicted criminal. This news will likely make Selena Gomez want him more and fall back into his bed. The little brat will be charged with criminal vandalism Monday in connection with the egging case, reports TMZ.

It is not confirmed whether the convicted criminal will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. The prosecutor who investigated the case told the victim, ‘If this isn’t a felony, nothing is.’ The neighbor has estimates showing $20K in damages from the egging.

  • Rah

    Sucks to suck.

  • Godney

    How do you have 20K in damages?!

    • anon

      i wish i was rich enough to have 20K in damages from eggs.

      • Godney

        i know right!

    • a

      try egging a multi millionaire’s house filled with expensive plasters and woods that you will find out

      • Godney

        yeah, even with that… if you are so rich why would you make such a weak house that if someone eggs it you have 20K in damages?

        • a

          why? it is not like you can just wash it out, it will remain stained.

          • Godney

            but still… i egged a gouse when i was like 9 and it didnt even left a stain… did it broke a cristal window? a diamond window? did it stained gold walls? like seriously.. its still way too much money

  • Marissa

    Have you heard it already?! Justin’s new song “Final Confession” leaked!!! OMG reps said it was never supposed to surface :o But it’s here!: http://ironcpa.com/file/1e27e430ff OMG <3 I still can't believe I've heard it!

  • Hollyhysteria


  • Haha

    Well this will make haters happy they’reggoing to celebrate this. Lol.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Cheers! Jail time! jk ;)

  • Anna

    Selena should stop egging him on

  • Anon

    Simply driving without headlights or speeding is bumped to a misdemeanor. If Justin’s crime, destroying property, is equated with driving without headlights/speeding, then that’s just a sad story of the justice system.

  • JUG

    This is tragic. Shows how a momentary lapse in judgment can destroy what is universally loved and respected. We should all weep for Justin Bieber’s perfume empire. Buy The Key. It’s available at fine department stores everywhere.

  • barbiescunt

    I’m confuse. How is he a convicted criminal if he hasn’t even been charged yet? Unless he was convicted of something else prior to this?