Justin Bieber Shows Off Bruised Lip, Records New Song With Best Friend Chris Brown!

bruised-lipbieber-brownchristJustin Bieber showed off his bruised lip on Instagram and also recorded a new song with renowned woman beater Chris Brown: ‘Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans.’ Are YOU excited for Bieber and Brown’s new song?

  • Rah

    They’re both such shit rats but I can’t wait, I’m so ashamed.

  • troll

    Damn, CB went hard on his lips!! but after so much time apart while he was in jail

    • honesty

      Question mark.

  • honesty

    “Renowned woman beater” you guys are such assholes sometimes.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Is he wearing lip gloss?

    • Anna


  • BangBang

    Chris Brown gained some weight I see.

  • HolyGround

    That top picture makes me want to punch him so bad

  • JC

    2 douches together, but damn, sometimes i can’t help but love CB work and like someone said before, i’m ashamed

  • Hilary

    Have you heard it already?!?! Justin’s new, extremely personal song “Final Confession” leaked!!! OMG reps said it was never supposed to be released :o But it’s still only here!: ironcpa(.)com/file/1e27e430ff OMG <3 I still can't believe I've heard it! It's soooo amazing. I've tried it myself and it's simple and worth listening Justin rare song <3 :)