Demi Lovato & Ed Sheeran Sing ‘GIVE ME LOVE’ Live MYfm’s MYBigNightOut WATCH NOW!

Watch Demi ad Ed sing ‘Give Me Love’ together.


  • laura

    I need a HQ version of this asap so I can listen to it 64 times. This is perfection <3

  • BritneyS

    Demi’s so cute.

  • damnthesecelebs

    That was quite awkward, Tswift and Ed has more chemistry

    • Kirsten

      Who cares ? they just becoming friends him & taylor have been friends but anyways his && Demi voices together sound way better!

      • lol

        i think him and taylor sound and look better together even though demi has a great voice. as long as ed doesnt go near selena or miley

  • waytogo

    Ed is slaying iTunes right now! Good to see real talent recognized

  • aw

    Demi looked nervous

    • HellNo

      she was just fangirling i guess.. but it was really really good

  • HolyGround

    Ed and Demi together is this a dream

    • laura

      But weren’t they going to collab or something? Or did I dream this? Please don’t tell me it was a dream :(

      • HolyGround

        I think the collab was this, I haven’t heard anything about them working together on a new song :(

        • laura

          Omg please no! I need them to collab! This is so sad…

      • honesty

        Yes! Demi tweeted to him that they need to write together and he responded saying lets do it or something along the lines of that. A collab is coming soon.

        • dee

          i saw a gif set on tumblr from an ed interview and he said they’re texting and planning when to get in the studio together, ahh!(:

          • honesty

            I’m excited too! :)

  • GirlFromYourDreams


  • anon

    Still nothing beats Demi and Joe’s voices together. Disney knows how to pick them!

  • Hollyhysteria

    It was good but Demi hunching her back when she sings in this bothers me

  • FuckHarry

    Omg this was perfect I need them to record something asap I need a collab! , I was sopposed to go to this I’m so sad :(

  • Troll


  • David

    She’s the biggest whore I’ve ever met

  • Elianeth Salazar

    i’ve never listened to any of ed sheran’s songs but now that’s exactly what im gonna do. :)

    • honesty

      Oh, girl you’re missing out! I’m glad you’re going to listen now. He’s life changing!

      • Elianeth Salazar

        oh i know he’s like a teddy bear! hahaa i’m starting to like his music :)

  • Jennylover

    Amazing love it

  • Jes

    Is it just me or is Ed looking a bit skinner lately?