Little Mix WINGS & SALUTE Today Show

Little Mix perform ‘Wings’ and ‘Salute’ on Today Show.

  • BritneyS

    Great performance.

  • Becki Spence


    On another note, I have a cousin who lives in the UK and I asked her if she likes Little Mix, she said she doesn’t really follow them because she thought the real winner of their season was robbed…She told me to check out Misha B’s covers of Pink’s: Perfect and Adele’s: Rolling in the deep”…It was really good!

    To anyone who watched that season, could you explain why Misha B was not popular???

    • ??

      Lack of charisma?

      • Becki Spence

        Yeah, maybe.
        That’s a shame though, she seems like a real talent.

    • Alex

      I’ve heard a lot about how that season was rigged to the max so little mix could win.
      That modest would pick who they wanted to win and rig the show so that person/group could win, and a lot of people caught on that one of the reasons why modest management doesn’t work with xfactor anymore. There is a lot of ‘proof’ online if you do some research.

    • Samantha

      I think it was because of her attitude. She came across as very arrogant and there was rumours of her bullying other contestants

    • BangBang

      Tulisa once said during a live show that Misha was a bully, which had nothing to do with her singing. Bullying is not okay but we never actually knew if it was real or if Tulisa just wanted to make sure that she would receive less votes. She could’ve resolved the whole issue backstage but oh well.

  • Cali

    I think they are amazing. They just need better songs and stylists and they will slay.

    They are way better singers than 1D.

    • Shawna

      How can you say that they need better songs?!? they music fits with their voice and that’s why they’re doing this. and have you ever listened to their 2 albums?! please.

      • Cali

        I said better songs because they have phenomenal voices but the songs they get don’t match their awesomeness(even though they’re not that bad). They haven’t been getting the attention they deserve, the good songs sound kind of boring they deserve better.
        Mostly i think it’s just promotion though. the way they’re marketed.

  • Hollyhysteria

    I love their performances

  • BrokenArrow18

    Fifth harmony should take notes

  • Troll


  • laura

    Their outfits looked amazing, they sounded perfect but Perrie’s makeup is always so ugly. What goes wrong there? I honestly don’t understand they aren’t bigger than they are now. I mean, obviously it’s hard to really break through if you aren’t American but these girls have talent.