Selena Gomez Sexy Dancing With A Cake As Justin Bieber’s Hot Date For Friend’s Birthday Party

Selena Gomez is back to banging Justin Bieber! Thankfully, Selenators are able to separate their love for Selena from the imploding Bieber. Selena, desperate for love, was clutching and grabbing onto him on Monday night after a day in Malibu, reports TMZ.

Justin and Selena partied together at Bootsy Bellows, at a birthday celebration for a friend ad she never left his side. Earlier in the day Selena was riding bitch with Justin on his Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeler as they cruised along the beach with a group of friends.

How long do YOU think until Selena is back in rehab?

UPDATED with new amazing candids of Selena walking somewhere HERE! Source told E! News: ‘He has been trying to patch things up with Selena.. He does love her.’

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  • Rocky

    I was the first one call that she was gonna start hanging with Bieber again before her new movie comes out. She’s so predictable, it’s actually getting pretty pathetic.

    • Cali

      I saw it coming. It was only a matter of time

    • again

      What movie? She has no movie coming out until August. and why would people go see a movie just because Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is on it?

      • hudgens.


    • hudgens.

      You must follow ExposingSMG. Don’t believe anything that chick says. It’s nothing but bullshit. She spends more time trying to “expose” Selena than worrying about her own life.

      • y

        I have no idea what exposingSMG is. I don’t read that kind of stuff, it’s just blatantly obvious that Selena uses people to promote herself. She has shown her true colors plenty of times but people always choose ignore it or excuse her actions. She just doesn’t seem like a genuine person.

        • threelittlebirds

          It’s the tumblr page where this girl has “inside sources” telling her who selena really is. I.e. How fake she is, and how much she depends on justin. It’s interesting to read, but take it with a huge grain of salt.

        • hudgens.

          Nobody is perfect.

      • guest

        Says the dumb ass who spends more time defending culpo the fame hoe than worrying about her own life.

        • hudgens.

          Says the one who has no respect for others because she is so insecure with herself. Spread positivity instead of hate.

    • again

      You always come with this excuse however she has not released anything since last July

    • humm

      When did she stopped hanging out with him? Only when she was touring

  • Zaina777

    Previously on Keeping up with Jelena.

    • Godney


  • Cali
  • Truth

    They have an open relationship.

    • Tash

      No, I just think they think like dumb ass teens. They are not mature in the least. They simply don’t think. They do whatever they ‘feel’. Break up today, hook up with someone else tomorrow, get back together the day after, break up again, sleep with more randoms but still confess your sadness & undying love for each other etc etc etc. The stupidity never ends. It surprises me though. I thought people with such big careers would have decent heads on their shoulders. But I guess they just have to pitch up & their team does the rest. It’s the only way it makes sense.

      • guest

        Even most immature teens wouldn’t accept they’re boyfriend taking repeated breaks from their relationship to bang a bunch of other chicks than come back to them over and over again.

        • Tash

          Truth! I don’t know what to say anymore to be honest. I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with this chick. It’s just sad. She really is so messed up in the head at this point. She needs to wake up & get her dignity back. You’re right, even dumb people know right from wrong.

          • anony

            When youre in love you do the dumbest things

  • lol

    I think she just goes to him when she is horny because she is not into quick hookups ;)

    • JC

      AHAHAHAH love this

    • Mary

      Eew with the amount of girls he gets with, have some respect Selena

  • JC

    oh selena, i feel sorry for you

  • Anne

    I don’t see any sexy dancing by selena tbh. & to be fair Selena has been friends with Alfredo for a long time so she’s no only there for Justin

    • 2

      Selena isn’t the one dancing, she’s in white in the bg ;)

  • Dina

    they so better not be back together with that bieber at all, they share afrodo as their friend , that why she was there at his birthday party! she really need to listen to her family and friends, they know better and are worried!

  • laura

    At this point I don’t even care anymore. It’s whatever.

    • Tash


      • laura

        People should just stop giving it attention and then all of this will be over and everyone can be happy again.

  • Ammy

    they dont look very coupley here tbh

  • Godney

    ugh just stop… enough is enough

  • Electra Heart

    Slay mama. Yass, you look so good. Crush those Beliebers hopes and dreams <3

    • honesty


  • rey

    excuse me the one dancing with the cake is not selena, selena is the one next to justin with the white shirt!

  • Dash

    This is getting so old. It’s not even good publicity anymore because no one even cares, they get back together and break up so much it took the shock value away about after the 5 time. I’m over it.

  • Why?

    really……. I can’t deal with these two.

  • BangBang

    They’re so boring and predictable.

  • thecat61

    She just can’t seem to stay away from the big dick!

    I thought she went to rehab because of him? What a joke.

    • Electra Heart

      A joke? Bit like the Bangerz era..just saying.

      • anna

        I have a theory that Miley just said to herself “I’m gonna make the worst album possible and watch it climb its way onto the top because I’m Miley Cyrus” and then made Bangerz.

      • thecat61

        This isn’t about the Bangerz era…just sayin.

        This is about a couple, who she at one point and time humiliated on national tv, cancelled the rest of her tour because she was exhausted, most likely it was because she had a meltdown on stage during jingle ball when she got busted for lip-syncing, then goes to rehab for TWO weeks because of him. Now all she does is run back and forth to him. She doesn’t know what she wants.

        • anna

          the thing is…we dont KNOW why she went to rehab. you can guess it was because of JB all you want, but for all you know its because shes so depressed her mom had a another baby when she was 21 years old. thats depressing for some people, you know. Or it could be something like her careers not going in the direction she wanted. Her careers not very strong right now. If she went to rehab just because of JB…she has a lot more problems than justin, more so mentally.

          • thecat61

            Well, then she, her little sister and mom should have packed their bags and headed off to a private island for a few weeks somewhere in the Caribbean away from all the hoopla. No cameras, no instagram and no tweeting.

          • Anna

            A lot of people don’t do what they should do.

  • Guest1

    If they are back together, good for them. Even though I hate them together.

    Though, they should honestly work on being just friends first and work on their problems before they jump back into it.

    • Tash

      I agree! They never seem to resolve anything. They just jump in, remember why they broke up to begin with, then break up again. How about taking it slow, keep it on the down low, work out your shit, then come out with it when you’re confident in your relationship. But no, they refuse to use the brains God gave them. I think they’d be fine together if they just tried & grew up a little.

  • BangBang

    Man, if I were them I’d get tired of myself.

    • Tash

      It’s Bieber! He never will! But her….she’s just confused!

  • Tash

    If Justin wasn’t hooking up with randoms inbetween, I wouldn’t care if they were on & off constantly. This just makes Selena look pathetic, gullible & it really puts into question her views in life. He doesn’t love you if he goes straight for other vaginas the moment you leave him alone for 5 min! At this point I need to applaud Bieber. He sure is crafty. Cos she is dumb as fuck! And I thought he was the dumb one! No! She’s worse! Cos it’s obvious she’s knows what’s right. She chooses not to do it. He has his stupidity as an excuse.

    • anna

      She most likely hooks up with randoms in between too. it just doesnt get talked about as much because its in the privacy of her own home (or his home) and shes not going out to brothels and hanging out with a bunch of models. How many girls do you think Justin has been with, anyway?

      • Tash

        Oh gosh, he is seen with so many chicks, we lose track. But I think there’s around 7 that we can be pretty sure of. The ones he’s paraded & been seen around. That is not counting the chicks his goons pick up at the clubs or all those house parties. We don’t know if he took girls home after shows either. He hangs out with a bad crowd. I’m sure they encourage him to add to the list as much as he can. But somehow I still think Selena only ever slept with him. She might kiss others, especially to get back at him. But I think he was her 1st & only, hence why she’s so hung up. He looks chilled when they’re done. He gets down but is rarely alone or not out having fun. She’s sad & lonely, apparently changing her life constantly. He may express his feelings more but deep down inside she definitely cares more.

        • anna

          I agree that he probably has been with a lot of girls. But I think its a far less number that it could be. I think I’ve read before the average male sleeps with 17 females (im not sure how accurate it is, it was in cosmo) and since he’s not really the “average” male because he’s justin is probably more than that. I think it’s less than it could be though because if he wanted to, he could hook up with a fan every single concert he has. That would be hundreds of people..and I don’t think he does that. But a lot of musicians do..look at aaron carter and the boys of the wanted. for men, it seems the more women they sleep with the “cooler” they are..of course not all guys are like that..but a lot are. I think he really cares about Selena and loves her..he made an entire album about her. And I think she hooks up with people too, she just keeps it more private.

          • Tash

            I think he cares for her but I’m not sure he knows what love is. Or he just doesn’t fit my idea of someone in love. But that’s a personal thing. I just wouldn’t accept that bullshit. I don’t mind putting up with crap, but I won’t stand for a guy acting like I mean nothing to him the second we break up. Chasing tail is such a slap in the face. Basically all talk about his feelings but his actions totally contradict that. But as I said, those are my feelings. They evidently feel different about all of that.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s not the one dancing, she’s the one in the white standing back watching.

  • KD


  • anna

    I support them as friends and as a couple. I wish they weren’t so back and forth but we don’t really know whats going on behind the scenes, even though a lot of people like to pretend they know.

  • FuckHarry
  • -
  • Guest

    That girl does not look like Selena

  • Clauber

    Lol bieber is touching the Other girl ass,

  • Some Dude

    Look at Justin trying to hide when he notices the camera. Bitch no ones trying to get your pic. Its a damn birthday stop being full of yourself.

    • .

      Lol shut the fuck up.

  • Pamela Lansbury