Ariana Grande ‘Break Free’ New Single!

ariana-behindariana-gunAriana Grande’s follow up single to ‘Problem’ is called ‘Break Free’ and it’s scheduled to be released in July. The song was produced by German DJ ZEDD.

She ilmed the music video this past weekend looking ‘like a space dominatrix’. The outfit was created by Katy Perry’s stylist Johnny Wujek and it’s a creation signed by Seth Pratt.

  • moonlight

    cant wait !! i really loved problem so im looking forward to this

  • honesty

    I’m so excited! Can this album just come out already? I’m thrilled that she’s finally found her sound. She’s no longer imitating Mariah and that’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear!

  • Joe

    She looks like a cheap tacky orange stripper #Truth

  • Donut

    I hate ariana she seems so fake

  • KelsySaysSo

    Still copying mariah carey! Mariah carey has a space scene in her Touch My Body music video and her Honey remix music video is space themed!

    • honesty

      She got the inspiration from an old movie, Barbarella, not MC.

  • BrokenArrow18


  • anony

    i can tell already that this is gonna slay