• BrokenArrow18

    She would have a perfect body if the shoulder and chest area werent so weird looking to me

  • Rocky

    Demi is so perfect wow

  • aly

    I hate when celebrities post pictures of their body only like WTF.

    • rose.garden

      Not only celebrities but people in general.

  • Becki Spence

    Okay,Demi.I’m gonna need you to write me a skincare regime because your skin is FLAWLESS.

  • (:

    She said she uses clerical wipes and face wash if that helps ^ lol. And I don’t know why she took a photo of her body without her face? It was probably just for Wilmer then she decided she wanted to post it online.. She’s still a whore.

    • Holly

      Taking pictures and sharing them with someone you love is not being a whore, although it’s not a good idea because it can get leaked like many have. How about not judging someone if you don’t know them?

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    I’ve always wondered about eating disorder awareness and of it does more harm than good. Someone could very easily think “She had/has a eating disorder and looks like that? Wow! Maybe that’s what I should do.”

    Even though they preach the harms for an ED your mind can be a very selective thing and only hear what it wants to hear.

    I know several people (myself included) that was self-conscious about there size, then when they got to High School they learned about ED and found it to be a way for them to lose weight. Sure I was taught the negative effects but I didn’t listen or care.

    • Godney

      i have thought about this too, but i think the “solution” (to call it like that) its to give the right awareness not just to say love your body. Cus its seems pretty easy to say “love your body” when your body looks hot.

    • sigh

      agreed. I’m currently struggling with ED and it has made me so paranoid and i only hear what i want to hear. i was eating ice cream the other day when i was feeling brave and my boyfriend was like “woow half of it is gone already!” and it broke me in 6000 pieces and i stopped eating it, went to throw up and I’m back where i started…

      • GirlFromYourDreams

        Stay strong my love. That’s the worst thing about an ED: once you have it, you have it for life there’s no 100 cure. Are you currently seeking professional help? I’m not a professional but I’ve have had a warped body image for 15 years and an ED for 12. I worked though things myself but it was harder.

        You are so brave for taking the first step to a sounder mind! And its the hardest, it’ll get easy.

        Much love! <3

  • Jared


    It”s clear (and it has been for the past year or so) that she’s healthier and her body isn’t being abused anymore. What I don’t get is her constant, relentless, compulsion to PROVE to everyone she’s beautiful. Obviously she’s stunning and her body is its best shape. But why does she need to fish for compliments? Is she not fully recovered because she still relies on feedback of how beautiful she is? Because this just screams how insecure she still is if she needs confirmation from her many, many fans that she’s still the goddess they think she is. Or is she doing this to get press? Her album and singles are under-performing (by music standards, but I personally blame that she’s actively trying to get a radio hit and it makes her music sound like literally everything else. Here We Go Again was her BEST genre. This hip-hop/pop/EDM route is painful to watch.) and the most press she’s gotten when she isn’t talking about eating disorders or mental disabilities (AGAIN) is when she started covering Ed Sheeran’s song… and her book was a flash in the pan. She’s gorgeous and her voice is stellar. Why does she try these cheap Miley/Jenners tactics? I think she needs to step away from the spotlight, get off Twitter and really get better. Who cares about the album sales or her fame status. Her well being is more important. Because while these pictures of her attempt to bring inspiration to be happy and healthy, there’s a difference between a healthy body awareness PSA and clearly showing your body for personal props. You don’t need to try that hard. I really hope she sees herself as beautiful as she is, instead of needing confirmation to see it. I hope she gets recovered enough to be more comfortable with herself. Again, these body “selfies” and beauty shots are what Miley and the Kardashians/Jenners do for press and attention. You have talent, Demi. Please stop belittling yourself. Also… she should wear less make-up more often. She’s one of the few stars that look BETTER without it and it makes her look years younger. And the freckles are cute.


    • Elianeth Salazar

      i agree with everything you said..

    • Anon

      How is she fishing for compliments by posting a picture? Girl bye! Everybody posts pics of themselfs are they fishing for compliments ? Your thinking to much into it.its not that serious && miley does not get attention for her bikini pics she gets attention from they way she acts out && the kardashians are models they show they’re body that’s how they make money

      • Godney

        like nobody gets that much attention for bikini pics… unless they are post baby body, like the kardashians

        • Jared


          This is for Anon and “Godney.”

          Anon: For the mere fact that you’re defending the Kardashians, I will not dignify you with a response, because obviously you have very low standards for celebrity and entertainment if a bunch of no-talent famewhores who are only famous for a sex tape and nepotism gives you enough passion TO defend them. You are dismissed.

          “Godney”: I said it purely to clarify what might’ve seen like an ignorant comment: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in posting a picture to show happy body awareness / self-confidence and taking a picture of your half-naked body to get compliments. Especially when the said person taking the picture has had very publicly known body image issues and insecurity from a young age, and partnered with the fact that before her problems came to light, she was constantly posting pictures to seem sexy… it’s clear that she depends on the certification of others to declare her self worth as worthy. On top of the fact that she isn’t as famous as her Disney counterparts, Miley and Selena (which they ARE more famous than her, regardless of the source of their attention) when Demi has the better voice, and her albums aren’t selling like they *should* be. She’s not getting the attention she was in her Jonas Brothers hey-day. Her day is solely on Twitter. She’s not the commodity she was once used to. Posting this picture would not only help her not healed ego, but it would get her press from body conscious celebrity blogs. I never said she wasn’t happy with her body. I said she wasn’t happy with HERSELF. Nothing wrong with taking pictures to show yourself off and to show how happy you are, but when your intentions aren’t at all as you intended them to be, it’s very clear that it’s just a shout for attention and the confirmation that you are what you desperately want to be: beautiful. She IS beautiful. But she can’t see that on her own. Understand what I’m saying before you try to call me ignorant. If that’s the case, every single girl who posts a #bored #selfie of their OBVIOUSLY posed for compliments pic isn’t insecure and needs an ego boost. They’re 100% happy and love themselves. Which is SUCH an epidemic in young ladies. Think before you speak, and open your eyes before you think you really see, you simplistic oaf. Begone. I have nothing more to say to the likes of you.


    • Godney

      the first part is so dumb , i had anorexia and i got throught it, does it mean when i post picture of me at the beach or at the pool i am looking for people to call me hot or something?
      Its just so stupid and ignorant for you to say something like that, if she wants to show her body it means she is happy with her body, why not show that?

  • Kirsten

    Her body is hot she covers it with layers of baggy clothes and she can post whatever she feels it’s means she confident and proud of her body.but no matter how much weight she loses there’s always gonna be trolls coming at her calling her fat because she has an eating disorder && they think it’ll effect her. && bye there’s nothing wrong with posting bikini pics

  • Godney

    Hot body!!

  • Godney

    I love when girls love their body and show it!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She wears so much make up I forgot she had freckles, she’s beautiful.

  • Yasmin

    Calm down everyone. She has been hiding her body with jackets and pants for ages now, you can tell she was insecure for a long time. She felt confident that day and posted a make up free selfie and a body selfie. Why bring her down when she JUST started to feel confident?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.
  • threelittlebirds

    aww i never knew she had freckles!
    can i have her body, please? i think i found my new thinspiration.

  • yeya

    OMG so jealous of her skin :O and that body :O wow Demi, whatever you are doing great job! looking so healthy!! :)