Drake Bell ‘Stop Bullying, Block Hate!’

drake-bullyinghooliganDrake Bell has called on his fans to stop the bullying! ‘My fans mean the world to me! I don’t like you being bullied and hurt so I’ve decided to take some action! Join me by blocking all the hate! #DrakestersBlockTheHate #BullyingIsNotAGame #ElBullyingNoEsUnJuego’

  • Rocky

    he’s such a hypocrite.

    • aksaks

      no, he is not.

      • Angie.

        Yes he is you asslicker. He posted pics of Bieber calling him girl and gay making fun of him for 2 and half years straight now he’s stalking him and posting about him he called himttalentless and an idiot many Times not to mention he once retweeted something insulting about his mother but deleted very fast cause it was too far. Yes he IS a hypocrite and a loser too.

  • Bob

    But hasn’t he been bullied justin since the start of his career ?

  • ick

    Lol this flop needs to sit down. I’m all for fighting bullying but I would never support whatever he’s trying to push solely because he’s the one pushing it. How the hell can you have a bully trying to stop bullying.

  • rose.garden

    Lol hypocrite much?

  • Tash

    This is why Beliebers will never win any argument. Look at that genius response right there.

  • Tash

    I don’t think he bullies in general. He just doesn’t like Justin. That’s selective hate. It’s not like that hate isn’t warranted too. It’s not like he dislikes people for being ‘good role models’. Like the rest of the bullies out there. They hate you because you’re overweight or religious etc. He dislikes people for the right reasons. It’s not very saintly. But douche bags can’t be douche bags & have the world accept them like great citizens. We need to isolate & destroy. So I guess it is okay to mess with people as long as those people are assholes. Assholes sure fuck everybody else over just with their existence. I’m ready Beliebers. Come at me. Oh don’t forget to google all those big words you’re about to use & make sure auto-correct is on ;)

    • Anna

      I don’t think he dislikes bieber for being a douchebag, because a lot of celebs are (Jonah hill, Chris brown, ryan Reynolds, Christian bale, Jessica Simpson..the list goes on). Although, Justin does get the most media attention, but that’s because people care (I’m looking at you, the people who comment “who cares” on articles about justin bieber). I think drake hates Justin due to jealousy. Justin has the career drake bell always wanted, and of course drake bell is bias and thinks his music is better and more deserving of the fame. Drake bell tried to have a singing career after his show but it didn’t do so well. And I’m sure drake bell hates that everyone refers to his old style of hair that he had before justin bieber was known as “bieber hair”.

      • Tash

        I don’t know Drakes music. But I get pissed off too when I see much more talented people making less generic music & not making it. I think if Justin didn’t have that attitude, I wouldn’t dislike him. I wasn’t a major fan before, but I defended the dude & supported him. Now he’s like all those annoying rappers. Ego & off the assembly line music. I did think Journals was decent though. If he quit that attitude, I’d be a fan. But I think as a fellow artist, I for sure can see Drakes anger. To try so hard & then see somebody get it over night, then do everything he can to fuck it up, is tough to watch. Drake should just forget about the Biebs & concentrate on himself. But I guess because he isn’t a big star, he can’t avoid the Biebs questions. I’ve seen him not want to talk about it but it’s all people wanna ask. It’s what happens when you open a can of worms. Seth Rogen even keeps getting asked. I’m sure they both wish they would’ve just left it alone. It gets tiresome after a while.

        • anna

          don’t let that piss you off. there will always be people who get more than they deserve based off of who they know or pure luck. this isn’t with just music too..it happens in the job world and professional sports. Maybe he’ll quit the attitude as he ages but everyone expected him to act this way because when a 15 year old has a lot of money and everyone around his saying “yes” to him and living by no rules, you get a brat. I support Justin because I like his music. I think he can be a jerk but I don’t let the actions we hear define him because I know he does care about his career and his fans. Thats why he still does it. He has enough money to quit now and be wealthy the rest of his life, as well as probably his kids and grandkids. But he doesn’t want to quit because he loves making music. And thats all that should really matter. He can be a douche…but really a lot of successful people are (steve jobs, kevin plank) and a lot of 20 year olds do act how he acts..its just that he’s famous so he gets scrutinized more.

          Drake should forget about JB and focus on himself. But he won’t because talking about JB has gained him thousands of twitter followers and attention. He wasn’t on this website until he mentioned JB. And he loves the attention. But yeah I’m sure him and Seth wish they hadn’t said anything. I like Seth. He stopped though. He said one or two things about JB and moved on. Drake Bells been talking about JB almost every single day for about a year now if not more..

          • Tash

            Yeah, I guess the world just makes me sad period. I care too damn much! But sometimes I look at him & think, if we had all that, we might be the same. Anyway, I like you Anna. It’s nice that you actually listen & put valid points forward. :)

          • Anna

            Thank you! I like you too :)

  • Duckyhoward15

    Look who is talking