Fan Dies Right After Viewing Miley Video

miley-caleyMiley fan Caley passed right after seeing Miley’s video. Her mom wrote: I just wanted to share how things go full circle. Miley Cyrus was the very first celebrity that Caley was into and the very first celebrity she met.. Caley’s life was then sent into an amazing journey meeting a lot of wonderful people who have taken the time to get to know such an amazing soul.

Back to the full circle. .Miley Cyrus sent this to Caley and she was able to watch it an hour before she had passed. We have video of Caley watching the vid but that we will save for ourselves. She managed to let out a smile. I take great comfort in this for some reason.

  • BritneyS

    So sad, Miley’s so kind.

  • guest

    Ok that just broke my heart :(

  • thecat61

    It’s a damn shame that these little ones have to suffer like this. She was very pretty.

    The fact that Miley stayed in contact with the mother just goes to show ya that she has a big heart and always will!

  • iWizard

    Ahhh, poor girl. I hate sickness. Children should be children and when they’re not, it’s heartbreaking.

  • laura

    Things like this always break my heart. At least she died happily. Rest in peace, cupcake <3

  • BrokenArrow18

    This is so sad

  • Godney

    aaww baby
    I really like when celebs give their fans back like this