Louis ‘I’m Incredibly Happy With Eleanor’

louis-eleanor-topshop-71Louis Tomlinson revealed to The Sun that he is very happy with girlfriend Eleanor Calder: ‘Without wanting to sound too soppy, I am incredibly happy with the way me and Eleanor are. The great thing about it is when I started seeing her I was already in the band. It makes things easier in the respect she already knows now that that’s the way it is..’

  • http://instagram.com/_rlg Renee

    Not a huge fan of these two but…aw cute.

  • iWizard

    Their outfits are on point. Love it.

  • Oh my

    Isn’t he gay?

  • BangBang

    Throwback to when he actually looked decent.

  • Lily

    Aw, this is cute. How long have they been together?

    • honesty

      About three years now, I think. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, anyone.

  • jessica

    Everyone knows that Louis is gay. So give it up Louis.

  • honesty

    I think they might get married. I’m all for it!


    OMG i don’t follow 1D much, but i honestly thought he was playing for the other team!!! :O who knew all 5 of them were straight, what are the odds of that!
    chances were 1 had to turn out gay…..pretty obvious he would be the to go-to on that pick ;)

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    So basically he just renewed her contract.

  • Luciana

    this is one of my favorite pictures of them! they look so gorgeous

  • anon

    He’s such a closeted bitter grown up man and she’s a pain in the ass.