Noah Lindsey Cyrus Cradles Stuffed Floyd Toy At Portugal Official Bangerz DVD Concert

noah-cyrus-floyd-oceanup-exclusiveOCEANUP ~XCLUSIVE: At the MEO Arena in Portugal, a fan gave Noah Lindsey Cyrus a stuffed Floyd to give to Miley at her concert for the OFFICIAL DVD of the BANGERZ Tour. Miley had to sing two songs twice because of that! Salomé caught the intimate moment of Noah holding little Floyd backstage. Hopefully Miley got it to help console her emotions Floyd Fridays.

  • thecat61

    Really wanna know how many stuffed Floyd’s she has? Actually would like to see all the gifts she has collected throughout the tour.

    Cute pic!!!

    • BrokenArrow18


      • thecat61

        Keep the dildo’s and the boob pillow. Lol

        • OCEANUP