Report ‘Selena Gomez Smoked Marijuana & Justin Bieber Pushed Her To Drug Use.’

selena-bieber-drinking-smokingJustin Bieber, Selena Gomez and frieds drank beer and smoked weed on the way to Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, Calif., in September 2012, with all the drugs provided by Bieber. Source told Radar Online: ‘They hotboxed and drank Heinekens from the fridge Justin keeps in the van.

There was no bong or anything, just Justin rolling his own burrito-sized joints. I mean, f**king huge.’ The photos included Francia Raisa and Charity Baroni: ‘Everyone smoked, including Selena. We smoked at least six joints and were high as a kite by the time we rolled into Knotts.

Selena came to understand just what a bad influence Justin had been on her life. Their relationship left her broken-hearted. I don’t know whether Justin pushed her to drug use, but amongst their close knit group of friends, & smoking was common place. Justin and Selena would smoke marijuana together regularly.’

UPDATED with more Bieber drinking beer pix!

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  • ok

    Selena is an adult and is older than Justin, if she did anything then that is her own fault not Justin’s. I really wish people would stop blaming him for her actions.

    • moonlight

      i was about to say the same. he cant force her. if she did it its because she wanted to.. so sad tbh

  • laura

    Heinekens shouldn’t even be considered as beer smh..

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      That watered down crap is bitterly nasty.

      • laura

        Exactly! It’s just pissy water..
        It’s honestly offensive.

        • thecat61

          Lmao. I hear ya.

  • A

    Here we go again…

  • BrokenArrow18

    her stans are gonna freak out :(

    • haha

      No while there are no pic proof

      • BrokenArrow18

        They flipped shit when she was rumored of partying, drinking or smoking and they didnt have a proof and denied it to death as if she was accused of murdering someone. Cause Saintelena cant do anything wrong!!!11!!!!1!

        • idk

          From what I saw on twitter they just believe that someone is out there to get her. After the rehab, nothing will phase them that easily

          • BrokenArrow18

            i dont think so

    • Clauber

      I dont think so… She is like 21 besides you said that marijuana is good so what is the problem?

      • BrokenArrow18

        LMAO I dont have a problem with Selena or anybody who wants to smoke weed. I wasnt even talking about her but her stans.

  • haha

    I say the guy in blue sold the story

    • javi g

      im betting the girl with the red hair that if you follow selena knows thats one of her dancers charity. i bet that dike sold the pics.

      • haha

        No. Charity would not lose the free trips and Selena’s friendship when she has her in such high significance. It was someone that got dropped, meaning the guy.

        • javi g

          i still think it was charity. but i think if it was in bieber’s van maybe lil za,twist or any hanger of his entourage.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    Selena is a grown ass woman, if she smokes then thats her decision. no one is forcing her to do anything, she’s not a damn child, jeez

  • Becki Spence

    I have the same reaction to this story as I did when the reports tried to blame Justin’s friends for his troubles. NOT.BUYING.IT.
    Yeah, certain people might be a bad influence – but if you fully understand wrong from right, then nobody is more to blame for your bad decisions than yourself.

  • javi g

    its radar online trying to become tmz? i only see in this pictures people drinking. what is wrong with that?

  • JC

    omfg why are we still talking about the sh*t they did back in 2012? almost 2 years ago damn.

  • Electra Heart

    LOL 2012 that’s when Bieber was relevant and Miley was still in a relationship..good times.

  • ikeepempressedt


  • hudgens.

    How sad.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol these stories just keep rolling in.

  • Tash

    This is the one thing where I can say I’m team Bieber. And y’all know that’s a biggie for me to side with him on anything. But she made her bed. She has repeatedly taken him back. She knew who he was. She got a clearer idea as time went on. He was never a saint. She wanted a bad boy. She wants all the perks without the consequences. A guy who has a bad boy front but isn’t one deep down inside. But this isn’t the movies. What you see is what you get. You can’t mold someone into the exact product of what you want. Stop trying to change them. That doesn’t work. Change yourself & preferences.

  • Some Dude

    It’s kind of crazy how things are so opposite from 4-5 yrs ago to today. Everyone was pretty innocent except Demi, now everyone’s fucking up except Demi. As far as I can tell.

    • Tash

      Nick is still a good boy :)

      • Anna

        He smokes cigars. Yeah, it’s legal. But it’s still bad for your health and can do damage to your voice. No one is perfect, though.

      • Anna

        Oh and the taking off the purity ring. I think that was a big deal. Overall, I think nicks done a really good job handling being famous. I wonder what it is…like how he was raised or just his innate quite personality.

        • Tash

          Yeah but he hasn’t fucked up or gone off the edge. Remember Selena, Miley & Demi also had the rings. It was just emphasized because the Jonas are boys. Even Justin at one point said that he would wait. So far Nick seems to have handled it all the best. Well actually it’s Kevin. But he’s out of the spotlight now. Demi is only good because she’s a recovering addict & can’t indulge at all. Nick is very normal in my opinion.

      • Some Dude

        Hot and boring since day 1, how could i forget

  • aff

    lol at people acting as marijuana is such a big deal. I bet they are the same advocating its use in Miley posts. Bunch of hypocrites

    • pothead

      the reason why people are calling selena a hypocrite is because she went to her concert and try to claim class as if she dont party, she dont do drugs,she dont drink and she is worst than miley who never claim none of the things selena try to act as the anti miley when she is worse than miley.

      • Anna

        No. Selena just doesn’t try to make her career about doing drugs. Many celebs do drugs but they don’t make it seem like it’s so cool and try to be flashy about it, like Miley.

        • 343

          many celebrities don’t do drugs honny what are you talking about?

          • hudgens.

            Hey Magali!

          • 343

            If I am Magali you are Kat stop calling names to people that you don’t know

          • hudgens.

            Kat has no account and you already know that.

        • tpg

          that’s why we call her a hypocrite dont claim to be classy when you are a junkie, who parades drunks and i guess you are naive becuase selena is constantly promoting alcohol another way of drugs,on her twitter, she dont promote weed because it has been taken, but she is if she getting new about her doing weed and the one of the worse one’s cocainee, is she stupid? that will mess with your mind and get you addicted.

  • tart

    Miley is a saint next to this girl! lol at least miley dont try to give speeches about class lol selena is such a hypocrite! Here she is blaming bieber girl he younger than you blaming him is pathetic of you and your team. sad to see such a handsome boy destroy himself with drugs he doesnt even look good any more he looks like an attic and his looks are suffereing from drugs use. i wish i was healthy to be able to do thing but the people who have health bieber and selena just thorw it down the garbagee what stupid kids they are or anyone. People wake up you only have one body and once you damage you cannot replace dont be stupid and stop doing drugs and do something positive and if you are too weak to deal with people who dont care about dump them!!!

    • chill

      “Selena” is not blaming nobody. She never told a word about it

    • chill

      It is just the media that is mad at Justin probably Scooter fault

  • Matt

    If a 21 year old can’t decide for herself whether or not she wants to smoke or drink that’s her problem not his. She needs to grow up just as bad as he does and learn to make decisions for herself. She seems as impressionable and indecisive as a small child.



    • javi g

      thats how she says hi.

  • whocares

    Even Obama smokes marijuana

  • Zaina777

    Selena is a grown woman. Justin can only be so much of an influence on her for so long. If she didn’t want to do drugs the second that she saw him doing it or brought the subject up she would have dumped him from the get go. Which she didn’t. Selena doesn’t have that innocent vibe that Taylor has even at twenty fives years old. She can’t get away with the same things that Taylor and other people like Taylor can get away with. Justin doesn’t control her she controls herself. Selena’s also older than Justin so he shouldn’t have some kind of authority or hold on her whatsoever.

    • rdgdg

      but whats wrong to be older or younger everyones can troling no matter if they are older or younger

  • Godney

    LOL really? a story about 2012? radar is such a crap site

  • prty

    I cant believe selena turn out to be a junkied, probably why she keeeps sleeping justin junkies dont have self respect when they are an addict, and well selena have none!

  • Anonymous

    When will people stop blaming bieber for her fuck ups??

    • Anna

      When she gets caught doing bad or illegal things when he’s not around

      • Tash

        Nope! They will blame it on his previous influence & stress from the relationship & his behavior. She will never be held liable.

  • m
  • BangBang

    Her past and current involvement with Bieber will forever haunt her and it won’t be for the better.

  • JUG

    Who cares about drug and alcohol abuse ruining Selena’s life. Justin Bieber 4th perfume, Collector’s Edition was just announced! I wonder if Beliebers will organize a buy out of the perfume when it’s released. Hope there’s a full page banner ad on Oceanup or at least an annoying pop-up ad.

  • Eva

    She needs an intervention, all her fans should unfollow her on twitter or something, maybe she will wake up and take responsibility for her actions. I am sick and tired of her bullshit. No wonder why Taylor is staying clear of her.

  • wat

    Why people care about this ? They are the most attention whore celebs I’ve ever seen.

  • Ali Anderson

    It doesn’t even look like she’s doing anything though. It looks like she’s sitting by her boyfriend that’s drinking.