Selena Gomez Raging Party at Hidden Hills, CA, Cops Called And Bieber Likely Involved

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Head To The Studio Togetherselena-drunkSelena Gomez had a raging party at her house in Hidden Hills, CA on Tuesday night, and it got so out of hand cops came, reports TMZ. Neighbors called cops because of a loud noise coming from her house at around 11:30 PM that was rattling their windows. Cops warned Selena to turn down the volume or else.

Selena has told her family that she’s back with Justin Bieber because he’s cleaned up his act. Un the last few days, she’s spent a late, late night at a Hollywood club with Bieber and had an out-of-control party on a Tuesday night. Rehab again is likely.

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  • lies

    It was just a gattering with her vocal coach

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      My goodness, his voice is magical.

  • lies

    But live music is loud and it was a residencial area.

  • lies
  • lies
  • BrokenArrow18

    If I was her neighbor I would have called the cops if she was singing live out loud lmao

  • guest

    “loud noise coming from her house at around 11:30 PM that was rattling their windows”
    i just saw the videos how is that possible lol

    • haha

      They probably just didn’t like the music

  • laura

    Wow do people really give parties that early? Must be boring…

  • A

    Why is it whenever Selena is around justin he some how gets in trouble or the media starts some how blaming him ?

    • Electra Heart

      Because she’s an angel sent down from the Gods and he is Canadian.

    • guest

      yet she wasn’t with him when most of his scandals happened

    • Cali

      it’s messed up.
      I dont like him at all now but she is older than he is last time I checked; she’s responsible for her damn self

    • lol

      Media does not want Selena with Justin, it is clear. I wonder why?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Even if this turns out to be a lie which will not surprise me, I’m going to say it’s believable for now. If this was Bieber no one (except his crazies) would doubt this happened. It’s not a stretch if she indeed likes him for who he presents himself to be which wouldn’t be a stretch that she’s not that different from him.

  • 2

    Oh com’on !! It’s a party of course they’re gonna make noise! “so out of hand”?? Please it was ACCOUSTIC how loud can it be?
    + her house is in the middle of nowhere!
    OU you’re so fuck up right now, hope you realize soon that what you do now with Selena (and with Miley last year) is cyber bullying! Throwing shit at everybody you’re pathetic! I used to come to see the latest pic but now it’s just plain BS, did Perez Hilton taught you how to be a as**** ?

    • thecat61

      Apparently loud enough for the police to show up.

  • lol

    It looks more like a church cult

    • honesty


  • Eva

    She should apologise to her neighbours… Crazy, noisy and annoying neighbours are the worst to have and if someone was making so much noise at that hour I would flip too.