Harry Styles Plays Football With Hair Tied Back, Zayn Holds A Kitten And Louis Tomlinson Buys Doncaster Rovers

harry-styles-hair-zayn-kitten (1)harry-styles-hair-zayn-kitten (1)Harry Styles plays football tonight with his hair tied completely back and Zayn Malik holds a kitten. Louis talks about buying the Doncaster Rovers under! He bought the team together with former chairman John Ryan for an undisclosed amount.

Louis is a lifelong fan of his hometown soccer club and was also injured playing for them. Louis’ management team owns his image rights and argued they should get a cut of revenue, from such things as ticket sales and merchandise, generated from the use of his image or name.

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  • boystan

    louis is v cute

  • boystan

    liam is bae though

  • Aye

    Louis bought a football team??! What a king.

  • Eva

    I saw this and to be honest, I laughed out loud and this has been such a shitty week for me.. I kinda needed a good laugh. http://feistyteee.tumblr.com/post/89349792413/gddhhddgrfhjgsgh

    • Guest

      He’s so childish it’s cute.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Louis is looking rough.