Joe Jonas Checks Reflection In Window

Joe Jonas Meets Up With Friends In West Hollywoodjoe-lunchJoe Jonas is seen running across the street to watch the World Cup at a restaurant with friends in West Hollywood, California on June 19, 2014. Joe seemed to be very concerned with his hair and even checked his reflection in a storefront window! Photos: FameFlynet.

UPDATE: alyssa_dianne_ Met Joe Jonas at lunch today @stateweho


  • cam

    This is just downright pitiful. SHAME on you Ocean Up!!! Candids of cking his reflection. Ugh!!! No more will on comment on Joe or Blanda. Totally useless!! Got to give more then looks. To full of himself/herself. USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hudgens.

      I like solo Joe candids.

  • Anon

    Joe when are we going to get those exciting news that you’re working on a project?

  • cam

    This is really my last comment on Joe. But those “wonderful” parents let a child of theirs grow up with BOTH feet being pigeoned toed. When there are charitable organizations that will help take care of these type of problems. Your feet are what make it so you can walk. You take care of those when they are babies. Let’s hope that Kevin/Dani will be parents who really are there for their children. SHAME on parents that neglect their babies health/bodies.

  • asdfgh

    He looks pretty gay here, even more than usual.

    • 454

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      • hudgens.

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        • 454

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          • hudgens.

            This is a gossip website about celebrities.

          • 454

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          • hudgens.

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          • 454

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          • cam

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    He gives off a gay vibe in these pictures..

    • 3435

      another stupid joke please

      • hudgens.

        You liking your own comments is a stupid joke.

  • First of all, Joe is not gay, he’s a beautiful looking guy, and a good singer! and the hottest Jonas Brother!

  • joe jonas posts are the best and most popular on ocean up! please keep them coming!

  • beautiful joseph

    love his cute face

  • Elianeth Salazar

    how handsome :) love him

  • shanghai

    Have to admit though I do like seeing him on his own! Hope he starts doing some work – you can only do so much shopping, eating and partying.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    When solo candids I nick come out y’all say that nick is better than joe because he doesn’t have to be with friends all the time and since joe is like that it’s a sign of insecurity…now he is on his own and y’all judge still!

  • Uio

    love that way he walks and everything he is such a good man