Forget babies, just think of all the great perfumes Justin and Selena could create together.

    • alsjkfgs

      His perfumes will leave more of a legacy than his music. God bless Justin Bieber and God bless capitalism.

      • JUG

        God bless Justin Bieber’s perfumes.

  • Guest1

    Oceanup, you’re so dumb.

  • honesty

    Shut up. Shut up. Shut up! Btw he is looking very not handsome these days.

  • f

    He is slowly losing his childlike appearance

    • .

      Finally and he’s looking a lot better now I guess he’s more healthy since he’s not ower working himself

      • .

        Over working *

  • f

    Love =/= I’m in love

  • f

    I believe if this doesn’t work this time they will give up. Good luck to them whatever happens.

  • Gab

    OU captions are the only reason I come back. Always a good laugh

    • Jes

      i thought i was the only one. everyone gets so annoyed with they say and i just find hilarious.

  • boystan


  • BritneyS

    Jelena forever.

    • Nya


  • Tash

    His hair look like Miley Cyrus in that pic. Or does hers look like him. Either way they are twinning it up.

  • Tash

    If that tweet was really about being in love, then how about stop tweeting & go be in love. Act on it, make the effort. All that talk didn’t make things work before & it just draws more media attention & scrutiny. These two need to learn. Otherwise, I think they are a good fit. They just need to grow up.

    • Barbz21

      Girl it’s all damn planned how long it will take y’all to realize that? Two weeks ago she was victimizing herself with the he’d rather models shit and was all shady and bitter he was chilling with other girls and now suddenly they’re all over each other but didn’t see each other for 3 months after coachella literally weren’t even in the same place ever since that lmao. They will be gone in a week again and off for months she’ll stay mad dissing him and he’ll be with others.

      • Tash

        I was just trying to judge from the scenario we are given. I know many think this is all for the media. But we don’t have hard proof. So I was just giving then the benefit of the doubt. Even though at this point, my head is spinning. This all is ridiculous. But then again, so is Breezy & Riri.

  • Dina

    he needs to go back to Canada where he belongs and leave her alone, this is very sicking and so not healthy at all!

    • Barbz21

      She should leave him alone too lol she’s the one who shades him cause she can’t take it he’s with other girls but then scrawls back to him it’s like she doesn’t let him move on smh and nah Bieber doesn’t have to go anywhere he’ll be where he wants.