Miley Cyrus Exposed, ‘I Know Someone Has My ‘Sex Tape’ But I’ve Never Filmed Myself F*cking, If I Do I’m A Victim’ + Fan Munera Reveals Miley’s Secrets

miley-cyrus-naked-rolling-stonemiley-drunkmiley-cyrus-fuckingmiley-bullyMunera, a fan who worked in Miley’s inner circle wrote an exposé on Miley and Tish, etc. READ IT ON TUMBLR! 1. Miley claims not to have a sex tape. 2. Diane Marteloff quit. 3. Tish reads everyone’s emails. 4. ‘Miley hates being told no or she is wrong. The grand finale:

‘From Wrecking Ball to simply rubbing herself on the 4×4 in Love Money Party live performance, her mother and team debated them all. They each would take turns telling her slowly and calmly that she would have to minimize it.

And Miley being Miley, she just maximizes it.’ Despite what any of you say or what Miley says she isn’t the strongest person and she isn’t the most mature and well thought out. Reading those emails and finally figuring out everything from her fallen engagement to her parents divorce I came to see that Miley literally has no one..

.. in her life supporting her. Everyone is equally a mess. Now that I think about it I know why she was so devastated Floyd died, it was because he was the only thing on this planet that loved her unconditionally and didn’t judge her.

One thing I do applaud Miley for is: although she has the same amount of problems as stars like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez: she hides it well. She doesn’t let her personal life get out and when it does she handles it head on. Themctimes having access to her stuff and even ME having access to her stuff is a danger.

I tried my best to do what was right and not let it get out but eventually it will get out. As you can see: videos of Justin Bieber making fun of black people and the KKK leak out. And as Miley’s career goes on damaging pieces such as that (hopefully not racism) will get out and there’s nothing we can do about it. This stuff is valuable and expensive and I hope they seize it eventually.



    smilers are definitely divided now because she has a lot of older and younger fans. most selenators are 12-15. beliebers are 6-12

    • Nina Cortez

      no, that’s where you’re wrong because most beliebers are in high school believe it or not lol. please stop with the “beliebers are just 12 year olds” shit because we obviously aren’t.

      • anna

        I would say most “beliebers” are 6-12, along with any person who refers to themselves as a “fan girl/boy” name- smilers, lovatics, selenators, etc.

    • Anonymous

      honestly, the word “belieber” looks and sounds stupid.. like who the fuck came up with this shit? a 5 years old kid??

      • Nina Cortez

        sorry that a fandom name bothers you so much? lmao

    • smb

      Funny, from the reviews of her concerts I’ve been reading most of her fans appear to be 15 years ld and above. That’s what I have seen as well and I don’t know many young kids or teens who like her, but plenty of high school and college kids.

      • tom

        i went to her concert and the majority was teen and college student, i did see adults but the majority look like college girl in their 20″

        • tom

          i went to miley concert sorry forgot to put whos concert.

  • Alex Vause

    Go Munera!! Go MUNERA!!

  • TrueSmiler

    All very confusing.

    Anyway, I don’t care.

    Go Miley, fucks the world.

  • whatever

    I think everyone already knew that, no? that Miley is stubborn and unhappy and Tish is a stage mom

  • Mary

    Poor poor Disney children, Hollywood & irresponsible parenting really messes them up

    • anna

      I’d go with mostly horrible parenting…

      A lot of disney stars turned out fine. It really seems to be Miley, Demi, and Selena that have problems..they all came from the same Disney era though so maybe there’s a coincidence

      And as far as Hollywood…they all do drugs but most people in Hollywood seem to do all right, with a few ups and downs for some (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan). But the list for people who are doing fine is longer.

      • thecat61

        Obviously you haven’t watched the Secret Societies of Hollywood.

      • johnny

        Hollywood is a mess. Watch the Secret Societies of Hollywood.

        • anon

          Do you know where I can watch it online?

          • thecat61

            It was on the E! channel.

  • dlovCyr

    Lol look at munera making headlines.

  • Anonymous

    i never really like Tish

  • Anonymous

    i don’t blame Miley for acting the way she acts right now… her mother literally gives zero fucks about her

  • dlovCyr

    Crazy how involved/obsessed people get with celebrities that truly give zero shits but glad you make them rich and important

  • Some Dude

    Jesus i remember following munera on twitter back in the day…she was funny af I had no idea she got this close to miley

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m glad she said something, especially since she use to be a fan. A bit sad that there are fans that know their idol couldn’t careless and still stan after them for acknowledgment of their existence. It’s a hard reality to come to, but it’ll be there waiting for them. I never liked Tish so my opinion of her is still perfectly intact as well as my opinion towards Miley. She really is a sad human out of hand.

  • Truth

    I don’t understand tbh

  • Lydia

    I can’t believe someone actually wrote an article about this girl’s fanfiction that she’s trying to pass off as something real. She made a long post on Tumblr saying “I found so much information.” and yet, she has no proof. She didn’t “reveal Miley’s secrets.” She said a whole lot of nothing. There’s no story here. It’s just a delusional fan who got bored one day and decided to make something up.

    • dlovCyr

      Orrrrrrrr is scared of getting her ass sued and put in jail for leaking personal information, the girl is a teen. Think a little, what do you want her to leak phone numbers and emails? If it is fake then fuck maybe she should write a book.

      • Pick

        She said she’s not afraid of getting sued, so I think she needs to proof it all.

        • thecat61

          She must be rich then.

    • Stupid

      No… she is the one who leaked LG……she gets very close to miley. Trust me……

  • ikeepempressedt

    It doesn’t take rocket science to know that something is wrong with Miley..

  • Guest

    If this is true, it makes me really sad for Miley. I’ve never really been a “fan” per se, but I stumbled upon her and Mandys YT videos back in the day and enjoyed watching them. Miley seemed like a really bright girl. I’ve been extremely put-off by her behavior and her choices the last few years, but even still this reminds you that despite how and what she chooses to portray herself as, she really is only a regular human and if any of this is the truth it’s heartbreaking to imagine someone being that alone. I really hope she stumbles upon people who will really stick it out with her because they genuinely care for her and won’t just take her shit just because she’s Miley Cyrus. People that will actually BE there for her and HELP her even if she hates them for it at the time. It seemed like she had people like that in her life once but she either pushed them out or they couldn’t handle her so they had to step away from it. It sounds like she herself will have to make some personal changes as well. I wish her the best along her journey.

  • Eva

    So… this sex tape… is it with Liam or not?

  • Yaas.

    Stans are crazy as fuck. Who know the Exposing Selena Gomez tumblr? The girl has like a lot of posts about Selena and she is just a teenager in high school, like how are you going to make your life revolve around a celebrity you don’t even like like that? And then she goes on to say Selena is irrelevant, what? When your ass can’t spend an hour without talking about her. Foolishness that is what it is.
    As for Munera, I honestly dont really understand what her problem is but if she was a real fan she wouldn tjust post all of this information for everyone to see. How are you going to fight with your idol? And howe is Miley going to react? wtf is going on nowadays? when did liking a celebrity become such an eyebrow raising issue? Kids nowadays are basically psychos.
    But I know with this information out Selenantors and Lovatocs be like

    • johnny

      This is why I don’t get into the whole fandom debates and such. At the end of the day your wasting your time on someone you don’t know and will probably be irrelevant I like two years or relevant in a completely different way.

  • thecat61

    All of this because Miley unfollowed GHT on twitter. The other half of that duo was bullying Noah so Miley defended her. So this bitch (munera) posted this. Bitter bitch!!!

    Miley’s private life is nobody’s business. I hope this person or whomever realizes that hacking into someone’s account is a federal offense.

    • Alison

      Well said, Lady!

      • thecat61

        Thank you!!!

    • Emmy

      What is GHT?

      • thecat61


    • BrokenArrow18

      Do you know what happened with Olivia?

      • thecat61

        Have no idea.

  • Alison

    Munera needs to get a life!

  • Brianne

    It’s a satire. But if it would be true, there was no surprise anyway especially for someone like Miley. We will never know what exactly happens “backstage”, neither good nor bad.

  • anon

    err but whatever that fan said is so obvious lol what did she actually exposed?..but i think that fan has given idea to many idiots to hack celebs icloud lmao there are going to be many more “expose/leak” acc from now on

  • thecat61

    This low life is about to feel the wrath of Miley.

    • asdf

      I know you’re a huge fan so I’m wondering if you think all of this stuff is true? If so I honestly feel really bad for her. It’s sad if she truly has no real support in her life :(.

      • thecat61

        I feel bad for her to cause some disgruntled fan got pissed because Miley unfollowed her/him/them. This all started because some jackass started to bully Noah and Miley stepped in to protect her Lil sis. So I don’t know if it’s true or not. I hope it’s not true. This goes for anyone not just celebrities. No one has the right to invade anyone’s privacy.

        I hope munera or whoever else is involved likes the color ORANGE!

        • asdf

          I completely agree, everyone has the right to some privacy. This is an extreme invasion of privacy. None of us are perfect and anyone would be mortified to have a microscope shined on our every move. I can’t imagine having to worry about people having access to my phone, emails, ect. Paparazzi is one thing but this is a whole other level.

  • thecat61

    ‘she doesn’t let her personal life get out’ — well apparently you took care of that.

    • lmao

      Are you refreshing this page and waiting for someone to comment every 2 hours?
      What is wrong with kids these days? Freaking psychotic stans!

      • thecat61

        I can comment as many times as I want. If you don’t like it, tough shit!

        • lmao


          • thecat61

            Thank you!

  • Mirela

    And this is why Miley should stop hiring fans. You don’t know what they are capable of. Not a very smart idea, Miley

  • BangBang

    Man, what a crazy year that girl has had! It’s sad that Miley’s alone maybe that’s why she’s putting all of her stuff on Twitter all the time and texting fans (which I find really weird). Now I’m wondering if and when these ‘damagin pieces’ will come out!

    • Godney

      i think it kinda makes sence why she puts all her stuff and kind of attention to twitter

  • BangBang

    BTW: Who is this Diane woman, and why is she important?

  • claudface_delrey

    I know the mc times has both a sex tape and nudes of Miley from I believe back in the day but I don’t think she’d ever leak it. Poor Miley though, it just seems like a shit show that never seems to end for her :(

    • Godney

      i heard some audio from mctimes that suppostly are from the sex tape. So i kind of think she does has them, miley seems the type of person who would record herself…. i didnt think (after having leaked pictures after leaked pictures) that she wouldnt be smart enough to delete them

  • johnny

    Nothing is shocking or really out of character about this. So im gonna call bs on this fans claim. She didn’t reveal anything or prove anything except she hacked into Tish’s icloud. The way she over explains her self is very similar to the weak and fictional ramblings of the Selena exposed account and Demi leaks account.Until I see some proof I think this is a cheap shot.

  • troubledchildstars
  • Cici

    Ok……………….so can she just like expose Tish & make us all happy? shit. I’d also like to know exactly what happened with Liam, buttttt Tish. Expose that bitch! I swear Billy Ray probably actually is the only one who cares about his little girl & they all pushed him away.. so sad.

    • k

      and remember when he did the rolling stone interview a while back about Miley?? And then all of a sudden in the last year he suddenly supports everything she does… some shady shit if you ask me.

  • Emmy

    Munera never worked for Miley… She’s just a super fan. I’ve seen her post obsessive items on Twitter. I only read it publicly, I don’t know if it still exists. I think she’s on the crazy side. I’d tread lightly.

  • BrokenArrow18

    This isnt even shocking or new I think we all knew this shit she just kinda confirmed it lmao

  • BrokenArrow18

    They’re all a bunch of creeps. Hacking their iclouds is so fucking wrong. Like I hope these 15 people that has access to it stop doing it cause it’s disgusting. Even if they just “creep” It’s nobody’s business. I dont even care if it was to help/protect Miley cause in what kind of world did you think that was possible? you’re just a fucking fan. They’re all kisssing Munera’s ass because she told the “true”, so stupid, “the truth” has always been in front of your damn eyes. It’s ok that they talk to Miley andg get more personal and stuff but then dont cry about her being different than you thought cause you never really knew her.

    • fgfgffg

      Hey what birthday video was her blog post referring too?

      I want a link! Thanks

    • Godney

      i think its that they “fans” gets so up in this “twitter/fanbase/fantasy” world that they see it as their only world.
      It happend to me on a way different level, but i can understand. She says she never wanted to see all that but you couldnt imagine how many “fans” want to see her personal pictures and videos. Some people would do anything JUST to see it.
      To me getting caught in “another world” was because my real world was not making me happy and there wasnt really much i could do to change it and i didnt wanted to “man up” and just get over it.

      I know its wrong for all those so called “fans” to do those kind of things… but i can quite understand

  • Smh

    sooooo from what I gather somebody got access to Miley’s icloud and phone number and there might a sex tape out there?? But Miley didn’t agree to it.

    And also Miley doesn’t like being told what she can’t do.

    • dadasd

      Hey what birthday video was her blog post referring too?ggs

    • thecat61

      Actually if you think about it, nobody wants to be told what to do.

  • ccc

    Hey what birthday video was her blog post referring too?

  • roxanneXD

    miley need help!……. everyone knows that

  • lulu

    miley just needs a true homegirl. one thatll know whats wrong just by looking into her eyes. for her to just feel a moment of peace is what she needs. and floyd. losing a baby is the worst. only faith can mend a broken heart. nothing else. miley could totally use a homegirl like me (haha, really tho). I just get her, idk. like being on the same frequency. despite the front she puts on, theres so much more that lies beneath. shes deep. this act seems to have become more of a coping mechanism, yet initially it was intended for marketing which I dont blame her, its business. shes giving society what they want, really. when is anything “too” sexy nowadays? if anything she adds humor and sarcasm with the performances. more goonie than sexy. which is good. goonie is good. being goonie shows that theres still that spark in her that shes had from the start. she needs to keep her chin held a little higher than her mentality;) but with a humble heart of course.

    • thecat61

      Agree. She played in Belgium tonight, which was sold out, is performing at Capital fm summer bash tomorrow night and then closes out her European leg on Sunday night. Can’t wait to see the video of her and Braison singing together during her acoustic set tonight.