Selena Gomez New Hidden Hills Home Picture + Recording With Justin Bieber + Back To Her Drinking & Smoking Ways

selena-houseselena-gomez-new-house-picturePicture of Selena’s new home in Hidden Hills/ Calabasas, California. Selena also posted a pic from Stars Dance on Instagram. She wet out to Cecconi’s restaurant for lunch with her grandparent. See pix HERE!

Police officers were recently called at Selena’s house because they music playing at her party was too loud and rattling their windows. Justin Bieber was rumored to be in attendance. Harvey Levin from TMZ said that Jelena are back together.

Source told In Touch: ‘Selena’s family fears for her health after slips back into her reckless habits. Selena couldn’t wait to go out to party again. She was drinking and smoking and getting trashed at the Roosevelt Hotel’s weekly Night Swim bash on June 10. Selena has slipped back into her old ways. It’s sad before she’d been on the right track. But it’s an ongoing battle for her.’

Pix of Selena arriving at recording studio with Justin Bieber HERE! Source told Us Weekly: ‘Justin and Selena are definitely full-on back together at the moment. They spent all day riding together on a Can-Am Spyder on Sunset Blvd. … Justin drove while Selena sat on the back holding on to [him].

He was incredibly sweet with her and they looked super happy and in love. It is always on-and-off. Same story, every other week, every year. Now they are together again, next week they won’t be. They never stop talking, even when you don’t see them together—that never changes. They fight, take a break, and then get back together. No surprise that it happened once again.’

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  • Hollyhysteria


  • honesty

    She is really foolish.

  • soitis

    So I guess Selena is not releasing music this year. Because she should been putting a single out by now for a September album’s release. After September Adele, Taylor, and Rihanna are coming and no chance at all for little Selena

  • hmmm

    I think she’s doing better.
    Justin also is doing better.
    I believe they both can get their shit together and if it has to be together, whatever.

  • forselenators
  • Eva

    I feel so bitchy and crazy mad today I can’t even deal with the mess that is Selena Gomez. What kind of fuckery is this???!! Next time things don’t work out I hope she doesn’t blame anyone but herself, Taylor tried to help her, her parents tried to help her and her fans have been standing by her side for 2 whole years but she just can’t stand up be her own person and stop with this foolishness, why isn’t she working? … boo hoo Justin Bieber broke my heart, I have emotional problems and stress… cry me a fucking river Selena. I am sick and tired of your bullshit. This is not only stupid but it is incredibly insulting to fans who have a brain and have stood by her all this time. Have a little respect for us. Officially done with her.