Selena ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Hypocrite’

selena-gomez-first-communion-nick-jonas-father-meeting (5)Selena Gomez told Yahoo! ‘I have people saying ‘Have fun!’ You know, like be able to just enjoy where I am. But I want to do a lot, though. I love what I do. I’m obsessed with what I do.’ On Nepal: ‘It was beautiful. It was spiritual.

I never showered, ever, because I was in the field every day and it just felt like I was removed, completely, from my bubble that I live in. And it was incredible.’

I mean, I was visiting with children who were trying to beg their parents for a toilet. And we’re complaining we got to do stuff every day. That’s when you really understand and that was the best gift that I received.

Because I consume all of this energy from the world essentially that is like a pressure and it’s a sense of focusing on certain things that are totally not what this world is about.

I’ve always loved my life. I think there are certain parts of my life I wish I could have to myself and things I could do and grow and experience. But it would almost be just hypocritical of me if I complained about it. I think it’s silly sometimes what happens, but I love what I do and I guess I gotta deal with it.

I know how to play a little bit, but you genuinely have to be confident. I’ve learned two of my songs before but I’ve just been terrified, so now I have a professional teaching me and I’m going to be amazing.’

  • Some Dude

    Nothing I read after the word ‘toilet’ made sense.

  • guest

    I know she was stinking

  • anonymous

    if she doesn’t get off the bieber train i’m sorry but her life is over

    • anon

      She not will. I came to the conclusion that he will have to be the quitter

      • guest

        I don’t he’ll quit.Guys rarely give up booty calls voluntarily and thats all she is to him these days.

    • Mary

      I think the reason why they always end up back together is because when they break up they don’t cut off communication. You need some time away to get over each other, you can’t be friends immediately after a break up. Also I’m sure its a huge ego boost to Selena that he keeps coming back to her when he’s able to get models. Selena’s very very insecure & you can tell by the way she talks about her music career

      • anonymous

        there’s nothing special about it she needs to stop doing that stuff and then grow up properly the hard way

  • Becki Spence

    Three things come to my mind after reading that.
    1) Yeah, celebrities should have more privacy. The paps and some of their own fans are just too intrusive. I guess that’s the price of fame.

    2) I wonder if she was moved enough by her trip to a developing country to make a long term commitment – using her time, money and celebrity status – to help create educational spaces and other necessities more readily available for the kids who were born in less fortunate areas of those countries…

    3) Why is Selena still focused on singing? I don’t know if I am alone in thinking this,but I really think her acting is a billion times better than her singing. She just needs the right movie.

    • anon

      Because it is easier to make money with music and some people just aren’t fighters

      • asdfg

        This. Music = easy money and fame. With movies, it’s more a long term process of paying your dues, establishing a connection with the public, showing the studios that you’re serious and fully committed, etc. Selena is just lazy, let’s be honest.

    • Mary

      Her acting is much better than her singing but directors & producers won’t give her a chance to do out of the box roles because shes from Disney. I think she wants to be a big leading female but that’s not possible if you only get offered teeny roles. Also her music does sell well, i think most of her singles have gone platinum, so that’s how she makes a living. She’s going to need to pick one eventually because shes not giving her all to either so far

      • anon

        I don’t think she would have trouble to be casted in small roles. But it looks like she doesn’t audition for them, Ruderless is the first one

        • Mary

          She wants lead roles though in serious type films & she probably looks at it in a way like; why do tiny supporting roles when i could be selling platinum singles?, you know.

          • aly

            But that’s no excuse. She’s just being lazy. Now a days anyone can sell platinum singles, seriously. Anyone who makes catchy songs and doesn’t necessarily sing well, look at Nicki Minaj… She simply doesn’t want to make an effort and work hard to get what she wants. In movies you’ll have tiny roles before being huge, you’ll do teeny roles before doing serious ones, it just takes more time and fight. And it’s also no excuse the fact that she was from Disney. Directors think you suck because you worked for Disney? Well, go and prove them they’re wrong.

      • Anna

        Zac efron and Shia labouf were on Disney and they’re doing fine with stuff outside of Disney.

        • Mary

          Guys have it different though & it took Zac Efron doing a few teen type movies before he was offered the roles he has now

      • guest

        Directors & producers won’t give her a chance because shes a fame whore who creates drama in her personal life and makes it public .Actors and actresses need to keep their personal lives out of the tabloids because thats all audiences will see when you try to act.You rarely hear about Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult,Emma Watson and her boyfriend etc because they know if they want an acting career they cant live their lives like the kardashians.

        • Mary

          Actually you do need a media & tabloid presence for certain big budget films which don’t have a book type franchise that everybody will watch regardless of who the actors are, especially if you’re going to be a lead role. This is because studios & execs need to make money, that’s why some co-stars end up ‘dating’ to get extra media exposure. I personally don’t believe she’s a fame whore but you’re entitled to your opinion.

          • guest

            You do not the need the media & tabloid presence that Selena has had with Bieber,its detrimental to an actor or actresses career.Having tabloids speculating if your dating a co star or curiosity about a stars personal life is good in moderation.Break up make up break up make with an idiot boyfriend shoved down the public’s throat year after year is not good for an acting career.Selena’s media & tabloid presence is reality show type nonsense that has made her a joke in most peoples eyes.

          • anon

            I agree with you. Actors have the media blow-up around the movie release or awards shows, but not all the time. They disappear after. that. We have no idea where Jennifer
            Lawrence is right now. But during press release she is everywhere

          • guest

            Exactly.Thats what I was trying to say.

          • Mary

            I agree with both of you that Jelena has become annoying & a joke, but i don’t believe she’s a fame whore doing this solely for attention or her new team would put a stop to it. Because its obviously not good for her career, a idiot can see that. The only logical explanation would be that there are some real feelings involved

        • Guest3

          She is not getting acting work because she can’t act.When she does get acting work the movies bomb,her latest going straight to DVD.

          Can’t act + movies bomb= little to no acting work.

    • ya

      “I think because I do a lot of different things, I don’t get credit for being great at one thing like some people are” – Jennifer Lopez

      Things that Selena needs be aware

      • honesty

        JLo isn’t great at one thing. That’s the problem. Selena isn’t either.

    • M

      Because her fans enjoy it ? If it pleases her fans then she should keep doing it. I don’t like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Miley’s music but I don’t wish for them to ever stop because I know that their fans love it.

  • alskdfhgsowiryutrghd

    She doesn’t come across as particularly bright.

    • Tash

      That’s what I thought. Too much time spent with Bieber & she obviously didn’t get her team to write the great stuff they normally give her to say.

  • video
  • honesty

    Too late.

  • Troll

    Too late Selena you are already a slut whoring hypocrite who privaes on the youth!

  • boystan


  • boystan


  • Anon

    I feel like people say she’s a good actor to make up for her not being a great singer because like honestly what movie has she been in that she’s just been outstanding in ? Like she’s an okay actress to me && I don’t think she’ll do better in acting money wise because she has a pretty face all she has to do is come out with a catchy song and sexy video like “come && get it” && bamm she’s making money && with acting you have to get parts && the movie has to do well. I like selena like I do but she overrated to me like there’s plenty of singers that actually can sing who is not as big as her && actors who are better then her& she has her looks and her relationship with justin to thank for that.tbh like she’s a pretty girl but she’s overrated

    • Cali

      Yeah saying that her music is better than her acting, which is true, does not make that good in and of itself.

  • -

    What’s so disappointing about Selena is that she keeps trying to hold on to this good girl image (I think Ariana is starting to take that title now) but if Selena was so in to helping the world and doing things with UNICEF and stuff, idk it would seem like she wouldn’t be in to someone that’s so douchey and in to himself and tries to get her to do drugs etc. Yeah that’s not her and what he does is separate but who you date is a reflection of you. And if you act like you really care about the world and the poor maybe your life and the people around you shouldn’t reflect the total opposite. I’m not saying she needs to go out and meditate by trees and drive a car that runs on vegetable juice I just think she’s putting on too much of an act. its just…..

  • -

    but that picture though lol oceanup sometimes you make me just

  • BrokenArrow18

    was she high

  • Tash

    Her & Bieber always go from one extreme to the next. That’s why it doesn’t work. Ever try normal?? Go & help for others, not to shock you back to your senses. Only to return to Hollywood & fall back into it all. Just try & live a decent life. Anything too far from who you are will simply never work. Don’t be who others want you to be, who you think you should be, rather go in search of who you truly are.

  • Dina

    she looks really cute in that younger pic, but I miss the old selena, without bieber