‘Justin & Selena Smitten At Bible Study’ + A Late Night Recording Studio Hookup!

jelena-sex-hookupjelena-hugselena-recording (3)Selena Gomez finally got Justin Bieber to attend bible study with in LA on Wednesday after he was recently baptized to absolve himself of his sins. Source told Us Weekly: ‘They were very lovey dovey and cute. They came and left together with a few friends.

They sat next to each other and listened to [Pastor Judah Smith]’s sermon. They smitten with each other. Bieber looks so happy and at peace while Selena was pleased and tranquil.’ On Jelena being back together: ‘It’s always on-and-off. Same story, every other week, every year. Now they are together again, next week they won’t be.’

Watch Selena’s new interview under about her life! + pix of Selena at recording studio. Source told E! News: ‘She still loves him. It is hard for her to get over him because they have so much history. You just can’t drop those feelings. There is too much there.’


  • anonymous

    i want news about people who aren’t crazy

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        i feel sick

      • iWizard

        OCEANUP, you’re a pervert, aren’t you? Just admit it already. We all know.

      • Tash

        Doctor Bieber ….

  • guest

    They keep getting back together because they don’t give themselves enough time to get over each other. Ceasing all communication would help. Now, that’s if they were a normal couple. Since they aren’t this is all PR PR PR.

  • .

    Messy and unhealthy dramatic toxic relationship like this will never work. After all they’re probably break up again next week and repeat it until one day they both grow up and figure out they’re not for each other and both move on and date someone else and be happy.
    For the record though, Justin went to church many times before reunion with Selena even more tomes then her, so it’s not like he suddenly found Jesus because they went together :) They’ll be over once for good and forever. It’s still relevant you know and it gives them both PR. Gives publicity to Selena sinceher career is in a sserious question and distracts from bad PR Justin gets. It’s a win for both, before it was just for Selena but now Bieber gets it too. Their obsession with throwing their relationship in people’s faces as an attempt to show their “unconditional love” is ridiculous and one of the reasons they’re a joke and should get over it.

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  • Cali
    • guest

      His penis will be in somebody else soon.She’ll wise up eventually.

      • anonymous

        it’s not about his penis. it’s about his fame and her issues

  • Mary

    A part of me is just so over this relationship and I wish they would both date other people. But a part of me is just so entertained by this; the beliebers are so hysterical with their rants. They make me laugh so much because of how heated they get lol

  • Guest

    He makes her happy.

    • Guest1

      Clearly not, if they break up every 5 minutes.

      • Guest

        But they still together and it means something.

  • BangBang

    Another day, another Jelena story. It’ll never end.

  • BrokenArrow18

    what does it make them think they’re gonna work out this time

    • thecat61

      Exactly. Going out and partying doesn’t make you a bad person just like going to church (bible study) doesn’t make you a good person.

  • Emma Stone

    Does anybody even care anymore. I’m over this train wreck of on again off again.