Demi Lovato Gets Her Hair DREADED!

demi-lovato-dreadsdemi-dreads (1)Demi Lovato looks AMAZING with her purple & blue hair dreads!

Hundreds of photos of Microsoft concert @ Roosevelt Field HERE, M&G HERE!


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    It looks good (except with the shaved side), but I don’t know how she’s gonna pull off the look with her regular attire (blazers, etc.). Can dreads be temporary?

    • dem dreads

      dreads can be temporary and from the looks of it hers are

  • Kirsten

    I like it. It’s different && she looks hot!!!
    But like I’m mad how she can pull of every freaking hairstyle && color. Lol

    • HolyGround

      I don’t like this look but I’m also mad at how she can try anything and still look super good. Its so unfair like can she show me how to do that

  • wtf is this

    It looks like shit. Stop appropriating.

    • thecat61

      Ke$ha 2.0 — lol

  • Duckyhoward15

    Is that racist ?

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      Is what racist?

      • Duckyhoward15

        Her hair cos when Perrie Edwards had it people sent her hate so I was wondering if it was racist or not

    • threelittlebirds

      No it’s not. Anyone can have dreads, but I think only certain people can pull it off.

      • ikeepempressedt

        Its appropriating.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Oh thank you so much <3

  • Zaina777

    No!I Now she has to shave it off if she doesn’t like it.Leave your hair alone.

  • Emmatome

    I really don’t like her hair now. Plus, it’s gonna be so damaged she’s probably gonna have to shave it/wear wigs eventually.
    She looked stunning with this hair color, tho :

  • Pamela Lansbury

    I like how she changes her hair, but this… just no

  • Jinxx.

    I will always prefer her hair back when it was long with the bangs at the front. I know it’s oldschool on her and she was quite young when she had it, but it always looked so good. her sound/style was on point too. in my opinion, anyway.

    • Guest

      like this

  • threelittlebirds

    No Demi, just no.

  • ikeepempressedt

    LOL NO Demi. It just look dangled and wild to me..

  • laura

    Because y’all are whining about her hair and it’s annoying the shit out of me, let’s just talk about how amazing she sounds here. Seems like she finally got her voice back because damn, she’s killing it!

    • Zaina777

      I love her voice. You know what’s weird though? People were comparing her voice to that of Ariana and Jojo’s. I mean Demi has an amazing voice but had you asked me two or three years ago I probably would have never even compared her to the two at all…well maybe Jojo…but never Ariana. I think JoJo has a better and stronger voice than Ariana though.

      • laura

        I get the JoJo comparison but the Ariana comparison?? What the hell?! Demi’s voice is much more powerful while Ariana’s is kinda soft. She can sing wonderfully though it’s just not a very powerful voice, if that makes sense?
        And omg Demi is coming to Belgium!! I am so going to see her :D

        • Zaina777

          Really, I didn’t think she surpassed Ariana at all. I’m glad that she does thougt it clearly means that she’s their equal.

          • laura

            No I didn’t mean it like that.
            It’s just that Ariana doesn’t have a very strong/loud voice yet she is very talented and can do really high tones and whistle tones. While Demi’s voice is very powerful yet she wouldn’t be able to do what Ariana does. I seriously only know all the terms in Dutch, I’m sorry haha
            Like for example, if you put them next to each other in an arena without a mic and you stand in the back, you’d hear Demi loud and clear while Ariana would be having trouble to be heard.

  • Cici

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks she looks hot. Love itttt

  • Troll

    Love it! Flawless Queen D.

  • Lovatic

    Demi’s new song ft. Nick Jonas – Afterglow LEAKED


    The fuck is wrong with her?

  • Godney

    why?… just why?

  • Godney

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