Miley Cyrus Seduces In Silver Flowery Skirt At Capital FM Summertime Ball In London

miley-summertime (9)miley-summertime (19)Miley Summertime Ball concert pix! Thx @MileyUncensored & Irish Mirror for some of the pix! Miley revealed that she’s turning her giant tongue from the tour into a pool slide. VIDEOS under!


  • Hollyhysteria

    I don’t think I will ever understand the appeal of drugs..

  • risa

    Cute hair on Miley. Ugly-ass costumes on everyone. They look homemade, I’ve seen better at middle school talent shows.

  • FuckHarry

    She looks cute lol

  • thecat61

    I so wanna see pics of the tongue slide at her pool. Hilarious!

  • wtf
    • Alii

      Drugs. Not the good kind.

  • thecat61

    Pilates does a body good!

  • thecat61

    80,000, wow. That’s pretty cool for anyone to perform in front of. And from watching the video’s, she nailed it. Loved the rubber duckies.

    I did read on twitter from someone who was there that after Miley performed people started leaving.

  • Elianeth Salazar

    she blinks a lot!! srsly watch the first video..

  • Jinxx.

    such a god damn tart. I knew I never liked her for a reason.

  • Nice dress

    Yes. Yes. But did she make her pussy sing?
    Smilers love the sounds of queefing.

  • Barbz21

    YAAAS, she killed it! She’s finally gaining weight too, I like her curves way more on her

  • BrokenArrow18

    the rubber duckies were so funny lol

    • thecat61

      I hope she continues with the ducks when she resumes her tour in August.

      • BrokenArrow18

        she should throw little rubber ducks to the audicence too lol

  • lol

    this was a decent lineup. last year’s was better though.

  • Godney

    I like the outfit but i think the shoes are too much

  • Godney

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