Drake Bell’s Home Is In Foreclosure

drake-bell-home (1)drake-bell-home (2)drake-bell-home (3)Drake Bell filed for bankruptcy in February and his Los Feliz home went into foreclosure in August, according to RumorFix. He bought the home in 2007 for $2.05 million and is now on the market for $1.524 million.

The Spanish-style house was built in 1929 ad has including hardwood floors, beamed ceilings and an elegant fireplace with three bedrooms, three bathrooms 2,600 square feet.

  • laura

    Wait so something this hideous actually costs 1.5 million? People are insane!

  • how

    How a house get cheaper? Either he damaged it or he paid an overprice when he bought it.

  • honesty


    • shut up

      It’s not karma. Just because he said some (true) shit about that Bieber punk doesn’t mean he deserved to get his house taken away. He’s a former child actor from Nickelodeon who’s been out of work where he could afford that house. Like lots of people have been. And it’s not like he cannot get another house. Don’t be an asshole because he’s been one of the only people to speak out about Justin Bieber and his deranged delusional fans. Everyone knows Justin Bieber is a piece of shit who doesn’t appreciate the chance he was given and who uses religion as a defense mechanism when he gets in trouble. At least Drake Bell, no matter how much less famous he is, has the balls to say it. It’s more than you can say for that pathetic excuse for a boy. Grow up and raise your standards, as well.

      • honesty

        You got all that from one word? Wow, congratulations!!!

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Drake? Is that you?



        Thank youuuuuuu! I’m so sick of everyone defending that immature brat. Drake and Josh will have a better legacy than Bieber will. At least a respectable one. (Isn’t it funny how all those girls who take Justin’s side probably watched D&J?? Now they wanna say it’s karma that he’s having problems. Don’t they know how embarrassing it is to actually like him? I can’t wait to see them when Justin’s karma comes around. Dumbass hypocrites.)


        • lana del bake

          i want to see the look on their faces when they realized they put so much energy into justin beiber. it’ll be like when you realized you were obsessed with hannah montana and then you got older and saw how stupid that whole part of your life was. and how stupid you were.

        • Hufflepuffed

          EMMA WATSON. <3

  • Anon

    karma’s a bitch & what goes around, comes around.