Jennifer Lopez ‘I Would Want Selena Gomez To Play Me In A Movie, She Is A Cutie’

selena-gomez-sexy-bikini-pictures-28jloregkrepoghkrJ.Lo want award winning actress Selena Gomez in a movie!

Do YOU think that she should?

  • ikeepempressedt


  • Zaina777

    Selena is the new Latina queen. She will have her future husband Justin Bieber by her side with their three kids Jelena, Jelena the second and Jelena.Jr also known as Jelena the third when she wins her Oscar for her spectacular protrayal of J.Lo after the golden years.

    • Jen

      Oscar?? I hope you’re joking.

      • laura

        Of course she isn’t. What the hell, Selena is so talented. One of the best actresses we have at this moment.
        Just wait and see.

        • Zaina777

          I agree. She will reign Hollywood in every way shape and form.

          • laura

            Praise Saint Selena!

      • Zaina777

        Do I sound like I’m joking?

      • gia

        Anything is possible. Who would have thought Matthew McConaughey would be a Oscar winner?

        • Mary

          I know! I never thought he’d win based on the previous work he chose, but he got really serious about acting roles in the last 5ish years

    • Barbz21

      Lmao trolling at your best hahaha you made me laugh !

  • Cici

    YYAAASSSSS slay. Do it. It’s what Selena needs. That would make or break her career tbh.

  • anonymous

    their relationship and the degrading fake moronic LA culture is psychopathic. amazing how extreme they get because none are willing to be responsible

  • Hdhgs

    Jlo didn’t say that mashup than did. Loool

  • idontgetit

    Didn’t JLo turned famous at 24 when she played Selena Q? Guess Selena G would be playing her before fame then?

  • Mary

    Selena doesn’t have that jlo booty though, I think francia raisa could play her if there ever was a jlo movie

  • dlovCyr

    Lol as if Jlo were important enough to get a movie made of. What would it be about? Coming out of the hood and gaining fame from the other Selena Q?

    • Barbz21

      Tbh, JLo is overrated, she’s nothing special in anything, I’d take Beyonce over her anyday, not only is she a better singer/performer but her acting is decent too, I’ve seen her in dream girls and where she played etta james she was pretty good

  • Barbz21

    Selena’s acting is very average, that movie would be a bigger joke then Getaway, JLO isn’t such an icon either to get a movie, Madonna or Mariah Carey could get one, they both done to the music industry more and their impact is bigger, JLO was a straight copy of Mariah because her ex husband ( the owner of Sony ) wanted to sabotage Mariah’s career so he pushed JLO, too bad Mariah was too tough and still stayed on top. Aaliyah is better then JLO, too bad she ended tragically :(

    • anonymous

      jennifer wants attention. i agree she’s not very good

    • Eric Luna

      AMEN! PREACH IT!!!!!!

  • wow
  • BrokenArrow18

    but Jlo is a hot mama

  • Cali

    Lol well they are at the same talent level

  • Anon

    Ummm well neither of them has talent really but I don’t selena would fit her part very well I mean I think whoever plays her should look more like her with her curves and big ass && they have to be able to dance I think Demi or that francia girl would be good there bodies is similar to hers and I think they’d be able to pull it off more

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  • Eric Luna


  • aff

    “If a movie was made”.. Get it??? It is just a hypothesis. So much fuss for nothing