The Queen Of OCEANUP Miley Ray Cyrus Arrives In Her Holy Land, Amsterdam!

Miley Cyrus Arrives in AmsterdamMiley Cyrus arrives at the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands. INF.

  • guest

    She looks so pretty and innocent here.

    • lol

      she looks like a weird teenage boy to me. especially with those fucking ugly ass sneakers.


      she’s off drugs, you can tell :D

    • omg

      I know, she usually looks so good when she’s dressed properly with cutie cutie face… But when she’s on stage, oh god, queen of trash

  • BrokenArrow18

    she looks so cute

  • Rianne

    Because Amsterdam is a country in Germany

    • jdf

      no its not its in the netherlands

      • Rianne

        really???? All these years living in the Netherlands….. I really thought Amsterdam was a country… in the country Germany.

  • thecat61

    She looks adorable. Her last show of her European leg then its home sweet home!

    Munera deactivated her twitter account.


      it seems like she really hurt miley it’s actually kind of sad. :

      • thecat61

        Sure she did. Munera basically spilled the beans without spilling the beans. Now from what I’m reading the FBI has been contacted.

        • OCEANUP

          the email part of her tumblr post was beyond bizarre. but no doubt tish is monitoring social media 24/7

          • thecat61

            Tish, Braison, Cheyne and Noah were on stage with Miley tonight during #GETITRIGHT.

        • Cici

          How did she hurt Miley actually? Did I miss something after the tumblr post happened?

          • thecat61

            Like I said before, she spilled the beans without spilling the beans. She was butt hurt because Miley unfollowed her. So she goes and writes this expose. She should have just shut her mouth or maybe just not get THAT too much involved in Miley’s personal life. I think its called breach of privacy.

          • Cici

            Ohhh I thought you were saying Miley responded to the tumblr post. Nvm

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Those shoes are hideous.


      she wanted to match nick’s hideous shoes from yesterday :P

  • wat

    I hope she’s not gonna cut her hair again.

  • Godney

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  • Elianeth Salazar

    she looks so different :) a good difference