SJoe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend and Baby Daddy actress Chelsea Kane dyed her hair brown for Stella Artois launch party at Cannizaro House to celebrate Stella being served as the official beer of the Wimbledon Championships. Photos: WENN. Do YOU like her hair color?

  • Tash

    ‘TV’ girlfriend not ‘Ex’ girlfriend. They didn’t date off screen. They hung out a few times because they worked together.

    • honesty

      Are you sure? I think they actually dated, maybe?

      • Tash

        I’m pretty sure. They always hung out with a group. Not often too. They were only spotted out together once & they were just shopping & it didn’t seem romantic at all. That was season one of Jonas. I think he was dating Camilla Belle at the time it was being filmed.

        • honesty

          Oh ok! :)

  • threelittlebirds

    It looks like she put on a tad bit of weight, which is good, she looked too skinny before. Now she looks healthy

  • honesty


  • Duckyhoward15

    For some reason she doesn’t look good , the dress and the make up just don’t fit her I guess

  • PerrieEdwards

    I think she might be dating her Baby Daddy costar Jean-Luc! If you take a look on her instagram profile, she’s been traveling with him for weeks now in Europe :)

  • Validhearts

    Personally I think her hair looks great. That dress is kinda blah, but nothing to do with her, just the design in my opinion.