Demi Lovato Sexes Up Logo TV’s Trail Blazers In New York City + Really Don’t Care Music Video Teaser

demi-fuckdemi-trailblazerDemi @ Logo’s Trailblazer Awards + Really Don’t Care video promo!

  • FuckHarry

    She looks so good, it’s good to see her look this good cause she usually covers up her amazing body wearing too much clothes like wow I haven’t seen her look this good in a while I’ve got tears in my eyes (,:

    • Mirela

      Demi is the opposite of Miley when it comes to clothes. Miley wears very little, and Demi wears too much.

  • honesty

    She looks great.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Her body’s en pointe *insert flirty-winky face*.

  • Kirsten

    Demi has a nice body &&
    Ass though wish she’d dress to flatter her body more often like she has curves she should show them off

  • jenniferlovesSiwonOppa

    She looks great

  • Troll


  • Marina

    She is just so beautiful, that smile!

    (I can’t log in.)

  • PerrieEdwards

    I’m so happy for her! Embrace your body!

  • William

    She cheated on her boyfriend. #Slut

    • Tash

      And I suppose this ‘proof’ only exists in your imagination. Please refrain from having those ‘thoughts’ travel out of your mouth. That waste product is better left in your head, with all the other garbage your strange mind fabricates.

  • Tash

    And …. My girl crush is back :)

    • Elusive Chanteuse

      Her body is so much better then what is considered hot today those skinny girls call her fat I hate it :S like I would go up to her and thank her for being such a good role model and not being ashamed of her curves

      • Tash

        Truth! *high five* The women in my family actually love Demi’s figure. I was surprised since people are hard on Demi & Demi is hard on herself. But they think she has the best body from all the young stars. I’ve noticed, if you’re not skinny or don’t have a lean body, then people say you’re overweight or unattractive. But you don’t have be like Ariana, Selena, Miley or anyone else to be healthy & beautiful. That’s slim & lean. But beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Some people don’t even suit being slim. But I think it’s only the youth who criticize Demi. The adults think she’s beautiful & has a great body. It’s the case with my family & older friends.

  • Lovatic<3

    Hi! :) Have you heard it already?!?! Demi’s new song “Afterglow” ft. Nick Jonas LEAKED (probably from her iCloud) it’s available only here! : OMG, it’s sooo amazing, Demi’s voice is so beautiful there, I can’t believe I’ve heard it <3 <3 <3 Hurry before it's gone!!!!!