Ignore Justin Bieber Projects Explodes

bieber-hatedThe ‘Ignore Justin Bieber Project’ has exploded in popularity with Beliebers since he started dating Selena Gomez again. Fans started ‘#ignorejustinproject’ trend on Twitter on Sunday night saying that they will boycott Lil Bieby.

Fans feel betrayed that Bieber left them for Selena. Some blind Beliebers who support him no matter what he does started the ‘#supportjustinproject’ and ‘ilovejustinproject.’ Whose team are YOU on?

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  • Matt

    People are so dramatic. Chances are the onces blowing this up are the ones that want him gone regardless of who he’s dating. Either way I doubt he’ll notice. These 2 seem to love the romeo and juliet persona only instead of them dying in the end it’ll be their careers.

  • guest

    They shouldn’t be mad .A month from now he’s going to want other girls.He’ll break up with Selena and go sleep with 50 groupies,prostitutes and strippers .After he’s had his fun with the sluts he’ll post a pic of Selena on Instagram calling her beautiful and she’ll run back to him.

    • captainamerica

      Its not really 50 girls it’s just one tho but I get your point lol he had Yovanna and before her Chantel lol but they both look great though

  • maria

    every fanbase hate on their idol gf leave them alone and go find your own bf.

  • lmao

    Well, he is already rich as fuck. And this is small portion of his fans anyway.

  • maria

    Justin is the one who fighting for selena love,oceanup not the round.
    Justin don’t want other girl he want selena….

  • honesty

    If this actually worked, I might piss myself laughing. This is a little dramatic to say the least.

  • myopinion

    They are just being spoiled child that didn’t get their toy. They will get over it by next week.
    Regarding Jelena, they will last the time it takes for Justin to have contact with another female and Selena go off the rails. I believe she loves him, but that is exactly why they will not work. Because her love is too possessive, and Justin is the type of guy that needs the maximum attention from girls for to feel good about himself. In short: they are not compatible

  • anonymous

    ahh this was why he went to the zoo. to negotiate with the bieboons

    • BangBang

      I almost choked.

  • hi

    lol i wonder if they know how counterproductive making a trending topic that everyone can see about ignoring someone is. thats like killing for peace…or having sex for virginity. it does the opposite of what you want.

  • boystan


  • Becki Spence

    This is why it is essentially to live a good portion of your life away from the internet.
    Most people would just stop following Justin Bieber (or whoever they “no longer support”) on all social networking sites, stop going to the concerts, stop buying their music…and so on. But no, these fans are playing some mind game with Justin that will only aid in making them look ridiculous.
    ANYONE who participated in that hashtag, for selena/JB reason, needs an intervention!

  • A Cat

    This is so weird to me. Justin Bieber doesn’t give a crap about most of them lol why are fans so up in arms about who he dates? It’s not like he even knows your name.

  • maria

    if you don’t like her why do you pay attention to her.

  • threelittlebirds

    What a stupid place for a tattoo.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry


  • Tash

    So Beliebers defend & support him when he is acting badly, but abandon him when he is with someone who is an obvious good influence who keeps him pretty much out of trouble. These people honestly question why people consider them jokes?? Just a few brain cells separating them & an inanimate object. Well at leasts objects serve a purpose.

    • Hm

      She’s not a good influence. They got mad because every time they get back together he lives NY her rules which is ignores hosbfans and unfollow and block them also not take pictures just passes by them and not tweet at all. He’s the biggest asshole when he’s with her everyone knows. So nope.

      • Hm

        By * his fans *

      • captainamerica

        He blocks fans :O what a pussy ass bitch probably because they aren’t kissing his ass

      • Tash

        Oh my word, but HIS life is better. Who gives a fuck about you guys?? Maybe he acts that way because of the way you all act towards her, even back in the day when they just stated dating & were happy. He doesn’t have to do anything & you guys will still hate her or the woman he dates. It’s so ridiculous. You all support him when he’s having frequent one night stands with girls who just use him, blowing money at strip clubs, behaving recklessly & badly & around a bad crowd. You don’t like him to be committed, living a deeper life away from the public eye. No, you just want Bieber the product. You all want him to stay media & fan property. But that is not what’s best for HIM. It’s obvious. Every couple has troubles. Most of that is because of who he is when he is NOT with her. She is the most REAL thing he has. He is actually a PERSON when he’s with her. Everyone can see that. He is a human being. He doesn’t belong to you all. You all make excuses when he’s an asshole & say he’s a human being & should be treated as such. Well how about you try that! Cos when you defend his shitty ways, you are not treating him like a person. You’re treating him superior. When you’re critiquing this positive relationship, you’re not treating him like a person either. He’s a product. You all have a very warped sense of logic or reality.

        • Hm

          First of all, don’t label me as ” you guys ” I’m not in the Bieber fandom you stupid :) I said what I’ve seen from my point of view and how he treats them when he’s with her, there’s no excuses I ever personally made for him so stop your bullshit. He’s an idiot on his own, but she’s NOT a good influence on him, he acts even worse around her and stars acting out when she pisses him off and takes it on hookers and trouble. I don’t treat him like anything,what is wrong with you? Your rant is as if you actually know me and talk to me every day, I don’t care about Bieber neither Gomez, I stated a FACT she’s not a good influence and he’s nicer to his fans even when he’s with other girls. Who cares about his fans? Well, they’re normal human beings too you shit, he better treat them like that because they MADE him, he wouldn’t even meet all those girls if his fans didn’t make him famous. Understand my point without talking nonsense and labeling me as his psycho fan. What a dumbass!

          • Barbz21

            Don’t worry he’ll ask for sympathy and be nice to them as soon as they break up and he will have an album out ;)

          • Tash

            Yet, you know EXACTLY what he does when he’s with her & not with her. Even more than I know. That’s fan base info sweety. Try having a conversation without calling people names. I stated what I observed from his fans & also what your agenda is leading too. Which is not a positive thing. Belittling me won’t belittle my argument. Now you have a splendid day worrying about what Bieber is doing. He’s a celebrity. Maybe if his fans didn’t care so much, he wouldn’t act so entitled. Think logically for once. Don’t attack him over a relationship. Scrutinize the other shit he does & maybe he wouldn’t get away with it. This fan base needs to pick their fights better. Anyway, I don’t get why they’re so obsessed with an asshole anyway. You just admitted, he’s a douche with her & worse without her. That makes him a douche period. At this point you’d think they love him because he’s an asshole. So why the complaining?? They bought into this. He was never a saint. They’re just upset because they’d rather him be single. They don’t care if he sleeps around because hook ups are meaningless to him. So he’s still public property. They don’t care about Bieber the person. Once again, they just want the product. If so, buy a cd or poster. He doesn’t belong to anyone or owe anyone anything. He puts in the work, they buy the product. It’s a business. Get over it.

  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    I’m sure most of these fans don’t know what boycotting actually is.

  • Amanda

    whether they’re hash tagging “ignorebieber” or just “bieber” in general… either way they’re drawing attention to him. Whatta joke, people do not get it

  • casey

    IDIOTS. do they realize by making a hashtag #ignorejustinbieber you are in fact giving him MORE ATTENTION. when you ignore people, you dont tweet or instagram about it, you just ignore lol.

  • Mariah

    Idk they’re blowing it up but I can’t blame them he ignores them every time when he’s with her and acts rude, but when he is with other girls he is nicer and has time for everyone lol. Selena’s rules are different I guess she looks like a controlling type of girl

  • captainamerica

    Lmao no one likes jelena they’re sick of their games and cycle

  • Godney

    I’m team #StopMakingACelebYourWholeLife :)