Joe Jonas Attends Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2015 Diesel Black Gold In Milan

MJoe Jonas wore black, green and blue to Milan Fashion Week Men’s Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Diesel Black Gold on Sunday afternoon. Photos: WENN.

UPDATED with video under!


  • surw

    Looking good

  • Uio

    handsome sexy

  • karin

    Narrow framed body ,no shoulders and weird legs ? yes. but he always looks neat and handsome.He has such a beautiful face and he fits well among his italian fashionisto fellas

    • Anon

      If he worked out his deltoids he wouldn’t look narrow shouldered.

  • cam

    The shirt is to short in the arms. The pants around the zipper downward is puckered, like to much material. Whole outfit does not look good on him. Also lower pant legs seem off. Maybe a cheap outfit????

    • Hfdfuikgdk

      Spoken like the asshole that you are, as usual. Cheap? That outfit probably costs more than you make in a week. He’s been professionally dressed and fitted, and looks wonderful. Go fap over Nick’s big nose, beady little eyes and oddly shaped face. Oh, and his man boobs. That’s what you call unattractive.

  • hudgens.
  • hudgens.
  • hudgens.
    • cam

      Oh, you are so dramatic. Thanks for the chuckle.

      • hudgens.


  • JoeJonasTroops

    i don’t know whether i love him in a suit or casual wear better, he’s just perfect

  • Anon

    Since the music thing and the acting isn’t working out he should try catalog modeling.

    • Hfdfuikgdk

      It is actually working out better than you think. You’d be surprised what he has in the works. Just because he’s not talking doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Just wait. You’ll be eating your words. One project in particular is really exciting. He’s got lots of options.

      • Gab

        Shut up Blanda

  • anon

    he’s looking pretty haggard.

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