• Rah

    This girl has definitely had her lips done, or she has some miracle product that the world doesn’t know about. Comparison pictures make it so obvious, she had such thin lips, and now they’re so plump and she does so much to draw attention to them.

    • barbiescunt

      “Miracle product that the world doesn’t know about.” So, you’ve never heard of a lip pencil? It’s all an illusion. Hand that bitch a tissue and those lips will rub right off.

      • Bob

        There are a few pictures of her without any lipsticks/liner on her Instagram and it’s the same size as it is with lip pencil on. I think personally think she uses a lip plumper alone with the lip pencil.

        • barbiescunt

          She ALWAYS has lip liner on. Just because her lips look “naturally” pink, doesn’t mean she isn’t wearing anything.

      • Rah

        I think you’re right. I looked up the recent pictures of her and her lips are still super thin. Crazy how big she can make them look. I have thin lips too, not even as thin as hers, but I feel like if I overloaded the lipliner I’d look like a clown.

      • Alex


  • honesty

    She had something done, but seriously?

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    or herpes from bieber

  • Cali

    I didn’t get lip injections my ass

  • Lily

    I thought she got injections, but after seeing some photos of her with no makeup from a few weeks ago, I’m not so sure. If you look at some of her instagram photos you can tell she REALLY overdraws her lips. Like colouring outside the lines, lol.

  • Hollyhysteria

    Obvious she had something done.

  • sfd

    omg you can see that she or her make up artist just draws further than her lips end. if you even look closely at that picture you can see where her actual lips end. leave this little girls face alone damn.

  • boystan

    she’s cute

  • threelittlebirds


  • Lena

    If you know your makeup you know she’s just overdrawing her lips. I do exactly the same thing. If she had her lips done that’d be her business and not ours, but it is obviously not the case. She has really recent pictures of her regular lips, when she has no lipstick on.

    • lisa

      yeah if you watch kuwtk some scenes shes got no lips some scenes she does lol. its obvious she draws above her lips and below and fills it in, and then pouts in pictures. i think its a bit much though…

  • dlovCyr

    Herpes type 1. Aka cold sore, ew. Or her injection got infected.

  • barbiescunt

    Everyone keeps saying she had her lips done, you people obviously know nothing about make-up or plastic surgery. That doesn’t look like an injection site, it looks more like a cold sore. Her lips are not injected, they are overdrawn. Like are you guys just blind or stupid? I. Can. Not. I don’t even like the Kardash/Jenner fam, but ugh.

    • amber412

      lol they’re not overdrawn, there’s other videos where you can tell they are actually bigger, they are plump and not just lip liner on skin. My aunt is an amazing makeup artist and she said that there’s no makeup that can make your lips look that much bigger without it look absolutely ridiculous.

  • Bishwut

    She definitely got something done. Both Kendall & Kylie. It’s so obvious. Both of their lips were so thin that even if it really is just lip liner, you would be able to tell like crazy. I don’t know why you guys can’t just accept the fact that she has lip injections, a lot of young celebrities have.

  • Cici

    Uhhhh no. This girl is a makeup guru. I wish I had her in my bathroom every morning to get me ready for the day. Kylie never looks anything other than flawless.

    • K

      She has a makeup artist

  • BrokenArrow18

    why do girl find looking like a botox face looks good

  • whindy

    lol no she didnt have you seen her with no make up on? her lips arent as full its called makeup, i can even see in the picture that she lined her lips to make them look fuller, alot of ppl do it, even jordan her bff does it! i can totally tell. they just line outside there real lips

  • Laura

    She definitely uses lip liner and probably lip plumpers to make them look bigger, but you know that she’s definitely gonna get her lips done in the future.

  • blahblah

    I remember when 16-year olds would just smile in pictures…