Miley ‘I Want To Keep Noah’s Innocence’

Tish, Brandi & Noah Cyrus Enjoy A Day On The BeachMiley Cyrus revealed to 2Day FM that she isn’t sure her Noah Lindsey would survive in the entertainment industry: ‘She’s really into sports. She really loves horses, so I’m going to keep her on that and that kind of innocence as long as I can. It takes someone really strong and someone who doesn’t care what people think [to survive this industry].

She’s a natural entertainer. Sometimes I’ll be like, ‘Oh my god, she’s totally stealing my shine!’ If she’s in the room, all the attention is on Noah. She’s kind of like a natural at it. So I feel like, if she wanted to [be a star] I wouldn’t stop her.’



    good luck bb!

  • boystan

    she seems sad

  • thecat61

    Noah’s a champion horse rider. Her dream is to one day make it to the Olympics. Good for her.

  • Yeah

    But ruining the innocence of other people’s sisters and daughters is okay? Alright.

    • thecat61

      Ruining the innocence, lmao! Miley’s not here to raise other people’s sisters or daughters that’s the parents job. I wish people would stop blaming celebs. for other peoples issues.

  • BrokenArrow18

    what kind of innocence is she talking about