Selena Gomez IGNORES A FAN!

Selena Gomez Arriving At Craig's Restaurantselena-gomez-husband (19)Selena Gomez downward spiral continues. Selena ignored a poor fan outside Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood wearing a long coat and wide brimmed floppy hat. Photos: WENN.

UPDATED with hot pix of Selena’s husband and mentor!

UPDATE #2 of Selena leaving Craig’s through the back exit. FameFlynet.


  • Yeah

    He kinda looks like a reporter though… In her defence.

  • np

    Fan or a Fedex man?

  • Guest1

    Doesnt look like a fan, tbh.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t think its a fan. I met Taylor Swift a while ago, and there were people crowding her with photos and sharpies so she could sign them and they could sell them on ebay. Definitely not fans, and it looks like this dude might be the same.

  • Hollyhysteria

    Autograph hunters.

  • javi g

    40 year old autograph hunters. creepy.

  • Ricardo

    Looks like an Autograph hunter, she always said she ignores them

    • anna

      i don’t see why. so what, they sell it..big deal. they’ll make some money, so good for them, and then whoever they sell it to will be a big SG fan and will now have her autograph and cherish it. It’s a win-win for everyone in my opinion.

      • kina

        lol, she makes money off us… why can’t we make money off her ;)
        But in all honestly, he doesn’t look like a fan.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    i found an autograph worth $300 on ebey

    • Lily

      Damn, thats a lot. I would only consider paying that much money for a signature if it was like… JFK’s or something, haha.

  • video
  • iWizard

    Why does Justin Bieber always look like he’s crying in his pictures?

    • Renee

      Lmfao he’s either constipated or in pain

    • HolyGround

      There might be one explanation. He thinks he looks hot doing it but he’s far from it

      • Elusive Chanteuse

        He looks so much better smiling like his teeth are perfect wtf

        • HolyGround

          He actually does have a really nice smile. Don’t know why he insists on making this face.

      • iWizard

        It actually grosses me out when I look at that face.

    • claudface_delrey

      It more looks like he’s trying to read size 4 font from far away.

  • JenniferlovesSiwonOppa

    Is this site 4 children and run by them? Cause it use to be selena the queen and miley the vagina popper. Now is selena thirsty ass, and miley the queen. What’s next, Demi the hoe and Taylor the asshole and Harry the king? We all now that guy is not a fan ,yet the children running the site always twisting things, like they use to do with Mileys stories. Grow the fuck up!

  • Dina

    he is not her husband oceanup,that is not even funny at all, selena is married to that jerk at all and they will break up again, its not even healthy for her to keep goingwith him !

  • BrokenArrow18

    what’s with the fed ex thingy

  • Antara Chowdhury

    He’s not a fan; he’s a grapher. He’s one of those people who carry around professional 8x10s so they can sell celeb autographs on ebay.