Thirsty Selena Gomez Posts Orange Creme Bikini Top Selfie With Boobs Showing

selena-gomez-boobsselllaSelena posts selfies with boobs showing in orange bikini: ‘soy valiente’.

Candids of Jelena at recording studio HERE!

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  • ikeepempressedt

    Her hair is cute.

  • javi g

    holly hell!!!!! where she was hiding those? she looks hot. i do hope she keep this up. she went up a notch in my book and my penis.

    • B

      That’s a push up

      • javi g

        in the title says bikini top. not a push up bra. two different things.

        • B

          But I never said push up bra.. I said ‘push up’ as in bikini top push up

          • javi g

            lol dude! you said thats push up. and i understand by push up is. push up bra. ok either way she looks good.

          • duh!

            that is a built in push up bikini top. no biggie.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It was interesting for the first time in Selena’s fan history to watch Selenators go at their idol. I will never look at her the same, but nice sunglasses.

  • honesty

    Thirsty? Rofl.

  • Cici


  • Kirsten

    I like her hair! And her boobs look good idk if it’s a push up top or they just grew but they look I don’t know why but it seems like selena changed like she used to be more chill && it seems like she try’s to hard. Like she’s pretty but she’s not sexy to me

  • Liz

    Jeez your hate and desire for her tone something she isn’t us thirstier than her real life. Damn

  • Liz

    Damn autocorrect. Your thirst for her to be something she is not is bigger than her thirst to be who she is.

  • Clauber


  • dlovCyr

    Stupid girl.

  • hudgens.

    I don’t see how she’s “thirsty” when many other girls post pics of themselves in bikinis. Might as well call them thirsty, too.

  • a

    Her hair looks real cute.

  • Troll

    Gosh she is soooooo annoying. Her career is flushing down the toilet!

    • whoknows

      Idk. She just changed her whole team and the new one need time to find her “niche”. She more likely will be back next year

  • toomuch

    There is nothing wrong with the girl posting a biquini pic? just because her love live is a mess don’t need judge her for every little thing

  • Me.

    I am curious now… so is she a born again virgin or nah?

    • thecat61

      I’m thinking nah!

  • Mary

    So when demi & Miley post bikini pictures it’s not thirsty but when selena does it, it is?

    • thecat61

      Yep. Cause Selena is not really relevant right now. Sorry.

      • Ann

        More relevant than demi. “sorry”

        • thecat61

          But not Miley, sorry.

        • guest

          Maybe,but at least Demi’s relevance is because of her work.The only reason selena is relevent is because of her Bieber drama.Selenas career is almost over.She currently has no acting work and she’ll be lucky to get straight to DVD work

          • Ann

            I don’t know any of demi’s new work, all of her singles since heart attack have flopped, I haven’t heard her on the radio at all. Also I only know demi mostly by all of her personal struggles & rehab stories, tell me how that’s any better than what selena is known for?

          • aly

            What? Made in the USA hasn’t flopped. Well, maybe you don’t hear her on the radio in your country, but depending on where you live Demi is a lot more relevant than Selena. I live in Brazil and people barely know who Selena is while there are plenty of lovatics here. That’s why Demi’s shows were sold out in latin america, Selena can’t even sell out shows lol.

      • lol

        That’s why there are lot of post about her every day

        • thecat61

          About who?

        • Hm

          Lmao you’ll think ocean up posts make someone relevant? Selena’s fans catch up on anything to make it seem like she’s better haha. In the world she’s way less relevant then Miley accept it all Selena’s posts are because of Bieber anyways

          • thecat61


          • Ann

            And Miley’s only relevant for her antics & revealing her body, tell me when last you read something about her that wasn’t controversial or her about her antics? If she didn’t do crazy things for attention nobody would care about her

          • thecat61

            She sent that video message to Caly. The girl who just died recently from Cystic Fibrosis.

            Joining the Flaming Lips on their tribute album to the Beatles where proceeds help benefit disadvantaged families with dogs in the OKC.

      • Godney

        and demi is? Miley is on concert so her thing is her concert but demi? is her concert even that relevant? i like demi but just saying. Bangerz is way more relevant than demi concert

        • thecat61

          No doubt BANGERZ is a more relevant tour.

          I was just thinking about all of the shit Miley has been through since the tour started — Floyd died, severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic, a stalker who said he will continue to pursue her until she accepts him or he’ll kill himself and then finally her house being burglarized but yet she still hit the stage and gave 110%. Crazy!

          • Godney

            yeah, but i was talking about demi, Selena is way more relevant than demi, i am not talking about “talent” so people please dont bring that into here.
            Demi was more relevant when unbroken was released then she just went into “_____” its like she is not in a bad place but she isnt the IT girl. Not saying selena is an IT girl but when that girl promotes she is everywhere.

  • lol

    ol I’m laughing though Selena never did this hairstyle until chantel cam along

    • lies
      • duh!

        lol horrible comparison. one is from when she was little and those aren’t braided the same. Matter factly the right picture are twists.

        • lol

          Chantel pic is not even new too

          • duh!

            I know

      • part

        lol they are not the same plus selena copied chantel exactly why does she do that she always copying someone, like is really annoying.

    • Mariah

      Chantel looks so much better oh God the girl is perfect

      • lol

        perfect horse face

        • Barbz21

          Delusional Selena Stan. Chantel looks better if this is a horse face then Selena’s a chipmunk

          • lol

            I’m just not into travesty or horse-faced looks

          • lookslikeatranssex
          • RiriNAVY

            Hah jealous selenator. She looks great and 10x better

          • Ricardo

            Selena’s face >>> Chantel’s face

          • Lollingatyou

            Of course to fanboy like you her face is flawless but reality is different. She’s only cute her face is nothing special, fat cheeks that made her whole head too big for her body, very round head which makes it even worse and yellow not so pretty teeth.Her hair and lips save her and distract from those. Just saying. Chantel all together is better. Not to mention she looks 14 without all the make up.

          • lol

            Nothing against you to like transex appearance, your taste. She has a nice body, I give it to you. Only girls linked to Justin that I find prettier than Selena are Jasmine V and Barbara.

          • Bitch please

            Bitch please

          • Anon

            Chantel, or whatever her name is, has such a nice body, but lbr she is a major butter face.

          • Elusive Chanteuse

            Oh God I’m so using those hahahah

          • lol

            Selena could work out and get this body, but Chantel could never have a pretty face

          • Matt

            She looks like she has fake lips. I’d rather just wait for a 3rd option.

          • Angie.

            Chantel already has a pretty face just looks more rough :) the girl is pretty when she smiles Selena’s just a cute baby face ans lazy to work out has a bad body shape

      • Godney

        i think she is really pretty but i’m just not that into her face… it could be the nose or the eyebrows… idk maybe its me lol

    • Anon

      Right, like this hairstyle has never been done before.

    • Ann

      Chantel didn’t invent that hairstyle, it’s braids ffs. Stop being so delusional

  • Godney

    She actually looks really nice.