Demi Lovato Reunites W/ Keith Carlisle!

demi-keithdemi-lovato-playing-with-boy-friend-keithDemi Lovato reunites with friend Keith Carlisle. Keith was featured in Demi’s first photo scandal in like 2008! Keith Tweeted: ‘My bestie is here for PRIDE!’


    it’s miley or selena!

  • Troll

    Demi is only nominated for one category. That sucks! I seriously wanna see Selena and Miley dual it out!

  • oy

    I always hated him and Nolan, they were assholes. Calling Joe a ‘fucking pussy’ and ‘faggot’ after he and Demi broke up because he didn’t know how to deal with her partying, drug use and depression. Saying that since they were gay men they could use those words ‘liberally.” If they so concerned about Demi that they were ‘defending’ her, well where the fuck were they when she nearly killed herself doing all this? Because we all know she did coke at that prom she went to with Nolan, she even admitted it. I don’t think her hanging around with them, is a good idea. They seem to be cut from the “Anna Oliver” cloth.

    • Some Dude

      I agree w this. Unless they’ve changed too or take her sobriety seriously, I don’t wanna see her around them, no matter how long they’ve been friend. But Idk them or her so I’m not gonna assume

  • dis

    How funny she must have been like what scandal? wtf he’s gay! But since she was with Disney she couldn’t voice her opinions