Miley ‘I Show Girls Ways To Be Sexy’

Miley reveals that she shows girls many ways to be sexy. From Martina m_onthemove: I wen to the BANGERZ TOUR concert in Amsterdam. She kept saying how much she loves Amsterdam and had a blast while performing. She even giggled while performing, which was so sweet of her.

Instead of her backup dancers Noah, Braison, Lisa, Tish, Cheyne popped outta the huge bed during #getitright Miley was so happy about that. She also did an accoustic set with Sugarbear aka Braison. Everyone had an amazing time! Absolutely loved it.

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  • BrokenArrow18

    I agree if you play it safe it’s easier.

  • JC

    sexy? you mean slutty right miley? yeah you really do that

    • LMAO


  • thecat61

    Yeah baby!

  • Jared

    If that’s what she wants to call sexy. That’s strictly her opinion. For the girls and people who actually think what she’s doing is considered sexy? Like universally sexy?

    You need better sex appeal. There’s a difference between sexy / sultry and smutty / desperate. And it’s pretty sure which one Miley is. Bless if you can’t tell the difference. Or if you wholeheartedly agree with her.

    • thecat61


    • ikeepempressedt

      that Lucy gif is life.

    • Cali

      Lol I think she has the capability to be sexy even with the new style she just wants to be weird instead. Kinda frustrating tbh.

      • thecat61

        Buy at times she is sexy in a cute way.

        • LMAO

          And also, do you also go by the name Hov?

          • thecat61

            Excuse me?

      • Godney

        still not sexy to me, it just her face, is like if she doesnt know what to do with her face now she has short hair.



    • iWizard

      Hahaha there’s a Raven GIF for any situation :D

  • yep

    You spelled trashy wrong.

  • amandapanda

    I’m not a fan of Miley, nor have I ever been (she’s annoying, she can’t really sing to me, and she can’t act.. never been a fan of hers, even way before this era) but I do give her props where it’s due. She’s not sexy, but she can be beautiful. The best that she’s ever looked, and the best example of her being sexy was here at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, where she looked effortlessly stunning, and happy:

    Nothing she does now is sexy. It’s mostly just sad.

    • Hollyhysteria

      There and here I loved her looks

      • Godney

        she looked so pretty here!! Thats why i keep saying this girl needs hair and good make up. She looks so stunning here

  • anonymous

    no it’s easy to be controversial

    • BrokenArrow18

      not reallly, there’s a lot of controversial famous people out there but no one gives a fuck about them

      • thecat61

        So agree.

        • BrokenArrow18

          it’s funny when people say that or that people only talk about Miley cause of her controversial things, when actually they just talk about Miley cause it’s Miley. Theres a lot of celebs who do same or “worse” thigns than her and nobody cares lol

  • Kurdt Kobain

    i just

    • LMAO

      … ME TOO…

  • Mary

    When I think of Miley, I usually think wild or crazy but never sexy. Sorry Miles

  • ikeepempressedt
  • Duckyhoward15

    Yes girls spread your legs for strangers and swim in cum so sexy

  • Cali

    She is a very talented singer. But I wouldnt call her sexy for the most part these days. I only like a few looks she has done now

    She looked best like this. No one can say she isnt beautiful or that she cant be sexy when she tries. Her antics are just covering everything great about her.


      omg her hair

    • thecat61

      This last picture, wow! Those eyes!

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • threelittlebirds

    There are other ways to be sexy without flashing your tits and vag.


      she’s taken vag flashing to a whole new level

    • Godney

      the thing is even when she flases her tits its still not sexy… its just not. she doesnt know how to pull it off.

  • Zaina777

    I think she means she teaches girls how to act like a whore.

  • lakawak

    No, you show girls how easily you are handled by your managers when they tell you to act like a skank. There is nothing empowering about acting like a skank.

  • Eva

    LOL!! Who forced the interviewer to do this interview? The way she is looking at her… Oh God.

    • thecat61

      Nobody forced her. Perhaps you should watch the whole interview. There’s 3 parts.

      • LMAO

        *There are

    • LMAO

      And she really didn’t want to twerk with her too, Miley is so slutty. I am so glad Liam dumped her.

      • thecat61

        Pure ignorance!

        Did I use the correct grammar and spelling?

  • Ella

    There is nothing sexy about miley.

  • dorklogic

    Ways to look *cheap.

  • julia

    i admit some of the stuff she does is a little too much and inappropriate, but she’s comfortable with her sexuality and there’s nothing wrong with that. she’s putting a show for her fans, they know what she’s signing up for and they enjoy what she gives them. she’s young and she’s having fun, yes she needs to tone it down sometimes but calling her a slut or trashy is no way to be talking about her. this is what men like, they like other woman tearing each other down, you don’t have to respect what she’s doing but she’s not a slut. you’re all just way too judgmental on the girl, she’s so chill and so down to earth
    i don’t care, she can do no wrong. i just love that she’s real and she owns it and just really don’t care anymore

  • Godney

    At the first minute the interviewer is like “this girl is full of shit” lol

  • Godney

    interviewer “i cant twerk i have a flat ass” LMAO, has she not seen miley’s ass?
    and no miley, you need ass to twerk.