Jennette McCurdy ‘My Ex Was Ugly’

jennette-boyfriendjennette-uglyJennette McCurdy Tweeted about her ex-boyfriend:

sometimes i look at old photographs of my ex and i cry because he was so ugly


    Um and yet you dated him so

    • HolyGround



        Yassssss!!! The ultimate bae tbh *heart eyes emoji*

        • HolyGround

          I love him so much he’s so cute!!! Every time he scores a goal I actually wanna hug him haha


            Girl, same. He did so well in the Brazil game the other day! When the Cameroon guy pushed him, I was like uhhh hell no. But bae came right back from that and scored <3

    • Duckyhoward15

      Best reply

  • Zaina777

    What a little bitch this girl is…

  • honesty



    This bitch…

  • Scarlets

    She is a disgusting person to post something online where everyone else can see it.

    • Duckyhoward15

      for attention

  • Inevercomment

    She needs to shut up before he releases more of her nudes.

  • Same

    Wow. That is so mean

  • Cici

    why is she being such a bitch? damn.

    • Duckyhoward15

      either thirsty or bitter

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    No, Bitch all that ugly is inside of you.
    I usually like her but this is some grimy sh*t!
    Sometimes it’s best to keep your fucked up thoughts to yourself.

    (Excuse my language.)

  • JennetteIsShrek

    Tbh he is whatever but she’s ugly imo.
    I never found her voice and face to be pretty at all. She always reminded me of miss piggy meets Shrek especially when she smiles lmao. He nose is shrek’s nose no lie. Flat and wide.
    So she should talk. She really is on gocky side.

  • BangBang

    Can this girl just shut the hell up! Just move on!

  • Kurdt Kobain


  • Clauber

    Yeah cuz She is a beauty

  • iWizard

    Was this the guy that released her nudes? If so, then her comment is warranted :P

    • guest

      He didn’t release her nudes,she did.She is mentally unstable and/or starved for attention.

      Also,why is she sending nude pics to a guy she thinks is ugly?

      • Matt

        Why would you send nudes to guy your only pity dating and think is ugly?

  • Matt

    What a bitch. YOU pity date him, YOU send him half naked pictures, and now you have the audacity to trash him in public? Maybe this is a sorry attempt to stay relevant since her show flopped. Andre Drummond is one of the best Centers in the NBA and 2 years away from getting a 16 million dollar max contract, and best of all plays for my team! STOP TRASHING THE PISTONS ONLY GOOD PLAYER!!! It won’t help you or your show from flopping.

    • guest

      16 million a year?

      • Matt

        Yup. The NBA has a max amount you can pay someone which will be what Andre gets.

        Scroll all the way to the bottom for his contract. That’s a different player but Andre will get exactly what Carmelo Anthony did. Andre just completed year 2.

        • guest

          Good for him.He’s about to make 16 million a year and she’s about to be unemployed

  • anonny

    I usually try not to judge celebrities in a bad way due to not actually knowing anything about the “real” them, but damn this girl just continues to prove that she has the most wretched personality.

  • guest

    This bitch is so pathetic and ugly on the outside and more so on the inside.That guy has never said a bad word about her and seemed to treat her like a queen when they were together.

    The only way this pathetic bitch gets any attention is using her relationship with him or feuding with Ariana/Nickelodeon because she is so worthless on her own.

  • shame

    Why doesn’t Jennete audition for comedic roles in films? Nickelodeon doesn’t value her as much as she would like so she became a bitter person who throws everyone under the bus. It’s a shame, because she’s talented and I liked her on iCarly.

  • Rainswhenyouregone

    How do you guys know it’s him? I mean even if it is, we don’t know how he was to her or what. If she wants to sink that level, let her. She must have a reason for saying it.

  • Ella

    And she’s so good looking herself? Um no

    • …..

      Oh so it’s okay to call her ugly then? Seriously most of y’all calling her ugly are no better than her if not worse. Your being a bully and need to seriously grow up. Maybe Jeanette is immature, but at least she didn’t mention a name……smh

  • Duckyhoward15

    RUDE, no one is ugly , he might be ugly in your opinion that shouldn’t be respected but he is beautiful in other people’s eyes and at the end of the day he made you wet and you got laid stfu

  • lajspf

    Maybe she’s trying to be funny or something, but it’s not working. All she’s accomplishing is making herself seem like a bitter and unpleasant person.

  • Becki Spence

    She has become SAD, SHALLOW and PATHETIC in her quest to retain her fame.

    NOTE TO JENNETTE: You are his female equivalent – if there was a universal scale for NATURAL (minus the make up) good looks, there would not be much difference between his score and your score.

  • dlovCyr

    Lol the butterface speaks.

    • ….

      Ooooo look an immature internet bully….get a life asshole. What she said was wrong, but how is this comment any better?

  • Emmatome

    That’s not something to say. And you definitely don’t post it on the internet. Everybody can see it. That’s just disgusting.

  • Anna

    Ya’ll do know Jennette wasn’t talking about Andre right? She didn’t even give any name or picture when she tweeted this. Just because he’s the only ex we know of doesn’t mean she was talking about him. Also who doesn’t think some of their exes are hot? This is such bullshit and anyone that believes a gossip site for something that has no proof of what they’re talking about are just as stupid as the website itself.

    • Duckyhoward15

      First you shouldn’t call anyone ugly second if you do donot post it on your twitter especially when you are a FUCKING CELEB

      • Anna

        She’s also human and is bound to not like an EX. If she said who she was talking about which she didn’t I’d see why people would be mad. But she isn’t one to throw names when she’s mad she didn’t do anything wrong.

        • Duckyhoward15

          She is being a bully imagine being one of her exes and seeing this tweet then thinking its about you , she maybe funny but there are some lines she should never cross and her fans shouldn’t encourage her to .

          • Anna

            It was just a joke that we all have said about our exes at least once and if not worse. As long as she doesn’t use names I don’t see the problem. Especially knowing one her exes leaked her photos I’d be surprised if she wasn’t harsh about any bad ex.

          • Duckyhoward15

            First no bullying isn’t joke its like saying I dated a fat guy this is wrong and shouldn’t happen from a role model and finally we don’t know if he did and even if he did you don’t fix something wrong by doing something worse

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            “It was just a joke that we all have said about our exes at least once and if not worse.” Not me.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Oh my god what a bitch haha! Is she bitter that’s she practically slipped all the way into irrelevancy now?

  • BrokenArrow18


  • Gina

    She definitely seems like the type of person who thrives on drama…

  • Emma Stone

    She’s such an attention whore. Shut up for once.

  • Guest

    I just want to know if they had… ummm.. sex because that would be interesting

  • pacmakaveli

    what a bitch wtf

  • Eva

    Word is she is just being bitter because apparently his career is stable and picking up after he got signed onto some Air Jordan thingy ( I think it’s a big deal) and her career is supposedly what exactly? I honestly don’t know.

    • Yep

      He joined the Air Jordan endorsement deal with Jordan Brand… It IS a big deal because from the very beginning about only 20 players have ever had the honor to represent the brand and will see him earn approximately 15 million over 5 years.
      He is a good guy, good things will come to him. He once wrote all the names of the kids who died during the Sandy Hook thing on his Jordans to mark their anniversary. This bitch is probably screaming inside because all she looks like now is a stupid slut with no talent completely overshadowed and destroyed by the oh so talented and adorable Ariana Grande.

      • Eva

        That is nice of him… aaawww

  • daya

    not trying to defend her bc frankly I think she’s kind of a petty child, but she never mentioned andre by name and if she really was just pity-dating him like she claims, I really don’t think she would be so blatantly mean as to put him on blast like that… plus didn’t she date some gross old guy that used to be a writer or something for nickelodeon?? they went on vacation in hawaii together (there are tons of pictures, try googling ‘jennette mccurdy boyfriend hawaii’ or something, they’re easy to find)… I’m js if she was referring to him, she’s completely justified bc a) he WAS fug and b) anybody his age who would engage in a relationship with someone her age (especially at that time) is a /predator/ and deserves to be read for filth

    • Bitch

      She said “Ex-Boyfriend” and her last relationship was with Andre, I do not think she could have been any more clearer without mentioning a name if she tried.

      • Because she has only ever dated one guy…..

  • Randomgirl

    This coming from the girl who sang a song called generation love…

  • Bitch

    He is not ugly, he has African features and if you don’t like that don’t call him or anyone else with features that you do not like ugly. I am sick and tired of this eurocentric view of beauty.

  • getlikemiley

    this bitch needs to go. she is annoying the hell out of me.

  • Austin Coggins

    He done some undoing things which lead to the breakup, but she wanted to express her side of it also. Jennette your an angel in my eyes.