Joe Jonas Wears A Brown Jacket And Sweater To Valentino Fashion Show & Relaxes With Martin Balan

joe-jonas-valentino-show (8)joe-jonas-valentino-show (1)joe-jonas-valentino-show (3)Joe Jonas attends Valentino Fashion Show and hangs with Martin Balan.


  • shanghai

    Ha Ha grumpy cat!! Love how Joe is being silly and quirky again!

  • hudgens.
  • hudgens.
  • hudgens.
  • Uio

    i love this guy so much

  • XaskTaylorX

    Sooooo thank The Lord this isn’t 2009-2010 when people still thought Taylor was “crazy” or whatever. Lol. Love the third pic! XD



  • barbiescunt

    Is this or Lately it seems this site is fully dedicated to Joe and his beloved Blanda. *insertannoyedemoji*

    • shanghai

      Well nobody mentioned her until you came on. Just thinking how nice to see him on his own, having fun and looking happy.

      • barbiescunt

        Your comment is completely irrelevant to mine. But um, OK??

  • fghjkl

    wow joe jonas look’s like a doll there haha

  • Elianeth Salazar

    loved the jacket, but is just beacuse he is wearing it! haha so handsome like always :D