Liam ‘Not Interested’ In Miley Anymore

liam-hemsworth-shirtless-wants-miley-backLiam Hemsworth is on longer interested in Miley Ray Cyrus even though she keeps calling him. Source told In Touch: ‘He told her he’s not interested in getting back together and that she should move on.

He’s pretty much said he’s done with her for good. She felt so rejected.. Miley is depressed and in a pretty bad mental state right now. She’s closer to rock bottom than she’s ever been before.’

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  • thecat61

    And how many times is this piece of garbage gonna be published?

    She don’t want his cheating ass back anyways.

    • honesty

      He cheated? =O

      • Zaina777

        No, he didn’t. It’s just a rumour.

        • honesty

          That’s what I thought. That comment just sounded like it was confirmed.

          • ISeeSparksFly

            No, thecat61 literally bows down to Miley and defends her no matter what. (Not sure why).

            So, in essence, she’s hella biased. There were rumors that Liam and that Eiza chick hooked up, but nothing was ever confirmed. I REALLY want him and Jenn to date so bad though.

          • Mirela

            OMG! Jennifer and Liam would be a dream come true! I have always wanted them to get together! I think they would be the “it” couple. They would be hot together

          • ISeeSparksFly

            RIGHT?! OMG they’d slay every other Hollywood couple ever.

          • honesty

            Jennifer seems pretty happy with Nicholas Hoult though. You don’t like them together? (If they’re even still together) I think Jen and Liam would LOOK awesome together, but their personalities don’t really fit to me. I think they’re like brother and sister.

            thecat61 just likes Miley a lot, that’s all. :)

          • ISeeSparksFly

            Oh no I love Jennifer and Nick too lol. He’s so freaking cute. I’m just saying, if it ever happens, I’d ship LAWSWORTH.

            I have to disagree with the personality thing, though. He seems more reserved and she’s a bit more extroverted, so they have potential to bring that out of one another. Also, if you’ve noticed, she interacts differently with Josh than she does with Liam. With Josh, she’s so comfortable that it’s to the point where it could only be a platonic, brother/sister relationship. But with Liam, I mean, she’s comfortable around him too, but I get the feeling that she might get a little nervous around him; as in, she really cares about what he thinks of her.

          • honesty

            That’s interesting. It’s very true too, what you said about her with josh vs liam. I’m undecided now lmao, but I do love Nicholas and Jennifer together. As for Liam and Jen, opposites do attract sometimes so we’ll just have to see what happens with these two.

          • thecat61

            Because I like her that’s why! You got a problem with that?

            Should I feel honored that you’re talking about me? Asshole

        • lily444

          Well if it’s just a rumour then you can’t know for sure that he didn’t either. Just sayin..

    • hey

      That’s just a rumor, dear. And in case you don’t know, there’s also a rumor she cheated on him too.

      • thecat61

        I thought you would be there when I go
        You promised you would be there when I go
        But all the broken promises I won’t miss
        I’m finished
        All I know are the facts
        That when I look you in eyes
        All I see are the lies
        Been there done that

        • honesty

          I can almost see it.
          That dream I’m dreaming, but
          There’s a voice inside my head saying
          You’ll never reach it
          Every step I’m takin’
          Every move I make
          Feels lost with no direction,
          My faith is shakin’
          But I, I gotta keep tryin’
          Gotta keep my head held high

    • ISeeSparksFly

      Girl, PLEASE. Piece of garbage? Shouldn’t you be talking about Miley who masturbates on fucking bananas?

      Liam is way better off without that skank ass ho.

      • thecat61

        I wasn’t talking about Liam, idiot. I was talking about the fucking article. That article is on repeat.

        And about Liam being better off without Miley, what’s he doing now. He got more movie roles when he was with Miley but unfortunately his movies bombed because he not that good of an actor.

  • myself

    Miley is so disgusting and fake

    • Guest

      She’s a mess

  • Gio

    Uh, you’ve published this same story a couple of times before now. Are you running out of material?

  • jessica

    I don’t blame him she is DISGUSTING!!!

  • ?

    Is it just me or does his nipples look too pointy?

    • Anon

      Maybe the water was cold

  • Becki Spence

    yeah a “source”…

  • Zaina777

    Atta boy, Liam.

  • barbiescunt

    I’m sure she’s over him, such BS

    • thecat61

      Exactly. By the way, what’s the dear boy doing nowadays?

      • likewhoa.

        Uh, the fucking Hunger Games, biatch.

        • thecat61

          And after that, biatch?

          • LMAO

            Cut Bank.

  • Duckyhoward15

    No one really is anymore

  • hey

    Yeah I think he isn’t interested in her since a long time ago.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Poor thing, no matter how much he works out he looks flabby as fuck. Too bad he didint born with Chris genes.

    • LMAO

      Seems like he is doing pretty well after he repeatedly smashed your fave since she was like 17 years old… *shrugs*

      • BrokenArrow18

        Too bad he couldt take anything from it. Poor guy even he’s in THG, he’s stil irrelevant. Born to be a shadow. ✌

  • BrokenArrow18

    I wouldnt be interested in him either. Like he looks like a boring ass shadow, not really attractive, he’s pretty agressive, no charisma idk

  • Clauber

    It doesnt look like miley misses him