Miley Masturbates With Banana, Brings Family On Stage & Seduces In Blonde Wig

miley-masturbates-with-banana (162)miley-masturbates-with-banana (6)miley-masturbates-with-banana (10)Our Savior Miley Ray Cyrus gyrated with a blown up banana placed between her legs during her Amsterdam show. She brought Mommy Tish and Braison on stage into the bed for Get It Right in Amsterdam and posed in a sexy new blonde wig photo shoot. Thx MileyUncensored!

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  • lisa

    shes such a bore/predictable

    • thecat61

      Then don’t watch her.

      • lisa

        must be hard for you to watch her with your head up her ass.

  • Alii

    That was cute.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    does that hurt?

  • Leila

    I can’t wait for her hair to grow out, it’s crazy how much of a difference it makes.
    I find it kinda weird that she would have her family come out on stage for such a sexy song. #GETITRIGHT is one of the best songs on Bangerz though, if not THE best. God bless Pharrell.

    • Alii

      I’ve always said it was like the female version of Bruno’s Gorilla.

      • Leila

        That’s actually kinda true haha. I’m so dissapointed she hasn’t released it as a single..

  • Friv 4

    I love her outfit is very beautiful and attractive. |

  • Jared

    This girl, and her whole family, needs help. If all of them are joining in and approving of all of that, something is seriously wrong.

    • anon

      That first gif is priceless!!

      • Eva

        I was just about to say the same thing!!! lmao

    • Hov

      Who are you to tell someone’s whole family needs help and who are you to say something is wrong ? You are nothing but a typical band wagoner and finds everything what Miley does bad, why does it even matter so much what she does ? Who are you to judge her decisions and her having fun and living HER life the way SHE wants to ? Why do celebrities have to live the way society forces them to, why do they have to be perfect role models and always be happy and never do something different ? I don’t like Miley too much, her music is nice that’s it. But this whole she needs help and stuff is going too far, she’s not breaking the law, she’s not getting arrested or sleeping with a different guy every day. She’s using her little weird ideas for entertainment and fun, what is so wrong there ? If she wants to be sexual in every way she can, she owns her sexuality, this is 2014, freedom is something everyone preaches about yet when people like Miley do it, they get criticized by up tight judgemental people like you who think they know everything and can judge everyone.

      • beepbeep

        Fucking jesus christ! people like you are what’s fucked up with this world. You DEFEND what we as a society/community SHOULDN’T accept or tolerate.

        Miley is a virus to the youth. She CLEARLY has major fukin issues. ITS OBVIOUS. And yet her MOTHER cheers her on instead of helping her get her shit together. sorry, but that family is so messed up.
        I know the average family wouldnt be cheering at the sidelines if their daughter,neice, sister,granddaughter,etc was singing / dressing/ dancing/acting/ like a stripper.

        Might as well defend the wars going on in the middle east. Might as well defend deforestation and water contamination. might as well… cus that was miley parallels.

        • captainamerica

          Nope you idiot YOU are what’s wrong seriously you just compared Miley and middle east wars ?? You are fucking nuts go take a chill pill judgemental fuck who the fuck are you to say what entire society should or shouldn’t accept like Miley is hurting anyone lmal fuck off

          • thecat61

            What I wanna know is where was this idiot and others at when Miley sent that video to Caly, I think that was her name, who died of Cystic Fibrosis recently? Now you have Miley having some harmless fun on stage and all of a sudden they come out of the woodwork saying she’s a mess. Lmao!

          • Gina

            lol. you’ll defend her till you die won’t you. While she could care less about you.

          • Gina

            They’re not comparing miley and her issues to the middle east. I think they’re saying if we accept and tolerate behavior like this on a daily basis, might as well just go on and accept all the other tragedies going on around us as well. Whether miley wants to be a “role model” or not, kids will sadly continue to look up to her and model after her. It is a very serious problem and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Kids are the future. I am currently getting a degree in education and I work with kids everyday. These children are evolving and say things and do things that children shouldn’t even have knowledge of but do because they’re exposed to trash like this daily.

          • captainamerica

            Kids should be raised by their parents not fucking Miley gtfo with that stupid logic and giving celebriies so much credit so they should even influence children they’re there to do their job and that’s it gtfo please!

          • gina

            calm tf down. Obviously parents should raise their own children. All I’m saying is they are easily influenced by mainstream artists like MILEY everyday. Maybe you should gtfo damn.

  • thecat61

    Well she did say that fans throw all kinds of shit on the stage and she takes it and makes it part of the show.

    I hope she doesn’t cut her hair before she starts up her tour again.

  • Mirela

    Despite the unnecessary explicit content, she looks good with that wig. Kind of reminds me of Rita Ora.

  • beepbeep

    She’s just a cia project used to bring sickness to the world. That’s all celebrities are good for. well most of em.
    The purpose is making the people as sick as they can; in mind, body spirit.

    Miley is a brainless, mind-controlled, lameass. She sucks, it baffles me how she performs to a paying crowd every night. well there are a lot of morons in this world..

    • thecat61

      Geez, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Lmfao

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  • Godney

    The last picture is so good, the hair is good, the body, they outfit… except the face, if she kept her tounge inside and try to do something else it would be alot better.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    She is literally walking, talking, breathing trash. It’s absolutely disgusting and I don’t see how anyone with a shred of class or dignity can defend her doing these nasty ass things. I can’t believe I actually used to love her.

  • BrokenArrow18

    The get it right video is so funny when all of t hem came out haha