• cam

    The little bit I heard sounded like the same old same old. Nothing NEW!!! Boring!!!!

    • cam

      Sorry!! I was really hoping it would WOW me.

    • Elianeth Salazar

      just what i was thinking, srsly it sounds like the same old songs i want something different!! please Nick do it right this time!

    • mia

      sounds way different to me. What song that he has done that this one reminds you of?

      • cam

        The tone sound like so many of his but remember only got to a very tiny bit. I was just hoping for an entirely new sound. But he didn’t do that. For him to have the kind of comeback he needs something spectacular. This didn’t Have it.

        • JC

          that’s true. he really needs to pull something big this time

  • JoeJonasTroops

    i feel like crying, i’m so overwhelmed, i don’t know whether i should be happy or sad, i’m happy because nick is finally doing something, i’m sad because it’s gonna take forever to release, this is only happening because the jobsbros broke up and we could of had V by now…

  • izz

    It sounds a bit like the music from Jonas LA. Meh.

  • lisa

    sounds pretty good!

  • what even

    I actually like it, not gonna lie. I’m excited he’s actually working on his own music.

  • Anon

    Why is he making that Justin Bieber face?

  • Honey

    OMG this album is gonna be SO GOOD I can’t wait to hear it

  • Anon

    People are only excited about the music cause they think Nolivia is over lol

    • guest

      Why do they think it’s over?

      • anon

        Because whenever Nick isn’t spotted with her the haters/blanda lovers assume he’s single. Plus they want him single

    • viola barbie

      they are ..i just talk to him – cause he broke with her cause she said to nick his i used you and his fans are b*****

      • sunny_girl

        OH yeah and you sure talked to the right one? He don’t talk to fans neither on FB nor on Twitter or elswhere. So I’m sure it was a fake. And you shouldn’t belive everything you hear!! Besides it’s his life and him and Olivia are having lives beside their relationship!

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Honestly it doest matter if the song is good or not. He needs to decide if be wants to have a second act with his career and become mainstream or if he just wants the diehard JB fans to follow him around.

    Personally I think he should become mainstream.

    If that’s what he wants to do than the mainstream he needs to start paying off DJ’s right now.

    If he still has the same managemt as Demi Lovato his PR team sucks! He needs to promote the crap out of it. Get on every TV and radio show possible even if he has to pay big bucks.

    That combined with a good beat he’ll have to biggest song of the year

  • JC

    i kinda like it, i hope he can do well this time. he’s my fav jonas right now! and i want him to succed

  • yeya

    Sounds kind of R&B-ish? totally different wow it’s gonna be strange because usually nick is all about soul and funk and that kind of stuff but I think I like it haha, tried not to fangirl but yeah.

  • Mr.PresKennedy

    Sounds pretty good to me, I did prefer the style of bluesy music on Who I Am, but i understand he’s trying new things or to be with a more relevant style of music. I propose an Interesting challenge to him though… country.I think he’s got the voice for it if he channels his Dallas, TX roots more.

    • cam

      I would love to hear him do some country. Maybe with him being so aloof he doesn’t feel he fits in with country. Country singer are the more caring, giving, outgoing, & friendlier. Nick isn’t really like that. He is more of to the side watching. But I do think he could really do great with country.

      • Mr.PresKennedy

        Not all country stars are like that, a lot of them try to keep to themselves. Which personally I applaud for him doing, he’s in the public eye enough and usually for the right reasons (music/acting) and not his relationships.

  • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

    LOl i actually thought it sounded different. sounded more r&b ish to me. it was catchy ;p