Selena Gomez Chola Hair And Eyebrows + Pink Lips At Behaving Badly Hollywood Special Screening

CSelena Gomez rocked chola hair and eyebrows to Behaving Badly Special Screening at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood with costar Nat Wolff. Are YOU excited to see Nips’ new movie? Photos: WENN, FameFlynet.


  • guest

    One of the paparazzi people said that Selena wasn’t going to pose alone & didn’t want to, but she gave in. That’s why in her alone pictures she looks so miserable. Also she didn’t stop for any press only fans & they said she sound like she was sick maybe

    • bs

      nah, she did not want to be there, you can see it on her face. She was only there because it was required by contract

  • Jes

    LOL ‘chola’

  • Zaina777
    • hm

      Maybe that’s why she is sad

    • javi g

      orlando bloom should have beat the crap out of him. but unfortunately he’s got security to protect his chicken shit ass.

      • Barbz21

        If someone said this about Selena you would say they’re a bully and cry a river ugh you bipolar Selena fans

    • ana

      Justin LOVES this drama! After the fight was reported he posted a pic of Miranda on Instagram then deleted it, then Selena posted a picture of her & Nat on Insta & not 5 minutes later did Justin repost the pic again & delete it 20 mins later. He’s so imature

      • ana


      • javi g

        the picture selena posted with nat wolf its from the premiere of her movie. it docent mean anything.

      • Mariah

        His image of Miranda has nothing to do with Selena lmao

  • aww
    • Jes

      or she seriously got into drugs

      • aww

        but drugs usually make people happier

        • Jes

          only for a short time

          • aww

            Demi was so hype when she was on drugs, and Cory Monteith too. Many people use drugs because it makes they happy and more interesting for others. But Selena is miserable ALL THE TIME.

          • No is not

            Yeah drugs can make them happy but drugs kill you inside of you slowly and then can’t take it anymore, the drugs they make your face soooo fucking ugly and disgusting.btw people in drugs are got miserable misery life their mind is soo fucked up like a retard. the police they put in jail they can became criminals gangster oh yeah how happy it is please

          • aww

            I mean drugs gave a fake sensation of happiness. But it definitely takes it tool

          • aww

            *its tool

          • Rianne

            Yeah if a person takes drugs frequently they have to keep taking more and more in order for the drugs to settle in again and again and again. That’s how people overdose in the end and die.

            People should just quit drugs.

        • Hj

          No drugs make people misery and deprecion and then they get killed about drugs

        • thesestrangelittlethings

          In reality, it honestly comes down to which drug is being used.

          • wk

            I know alcohol increases depression. But if she was alcoholic wouldn’t she be caught drunk more often?

          • thesestrangelittlethings

            I can’t necessarily say :( A lot of people are really good at hiding their vices. If she was drinking more often than not, she could easily be doing it in the safety of her home and sober up before paps could invade her privacy. But disregarding alcohol, a lot of other drugs can cause other emotions besides happiness. For example, there are downers (alcohol – like you stated, heroin, marijuana) which make you feel relaxed I guess, and then hallucinogens (like LSD) which make you hallucinate. IF she’s using, there’s a possibility of it not just being an upper, maybe a mixture. Wow, this turned into an unnecessary lesson on drugs lol.

      • nah

        Signs of using cocaine include:
        – dilated pupils
        – high levels of energy and activity
        – excited, exuberant speech
        – an increasing sense of energy and alertness
        – an extremely elevated mood

        That’s not Selena right now. I think she is depressed

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She looks exactly like the Latin girls out here on their way to the club.

    • Astp

      Not all Latin girls are like that,they are different types.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        I didn’t say they were all the same!

  • Ally
    • hudgens.

      so pretty

  • Anon

    Selena is depressed I mean she’s clearly is insecure because of the girls justin be with you can tell by her IG pics and how she dresses that she’s trying to get his attention and compete with the models he’s been seen with

    • boo

      I think it’s more than just Justin, It’s probably stuff with her family too & overall insecurity that she’s always had. She didn’t even post anything for Gracie’s birthday, I don’t think she was even with them for that day. Her changing management has obviously affected the relationship

      • Anon

        Yeah then her && taylor drifted apart && her and Demi’s friendship seems to be on and off like they argue a lot and it’s sad because you can tell those were 2 friends that actually cared for her && not her fame l think selena has changed for the worse and idk what happened with Taylor but I’m pretty sure Demi tried to help her but selena was not hearing it and they probably had an fight something got Demi pissed at her but I think what selena needs is a friend like Demi who will call her out on her shit unlike her friends who just follow just seems like she losing everybody and when it one person losing everyone closest close to them it’s usually that persons fault just saying

  • mmm

    Lol she looks like she is just over this movie & wishes she was anywhere else but there. She probably doesn’t even like this movie anymore since it was filmed 2 years ago & it’s release kept on being delayed

  • hudgens.

    Nips LMFAO

  • video
  • again
  • thecat61

    Get ready for another beat down from Joan and friends.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    i hate that movie.

  • BangBang

    Never thought I would find Nat Wolff cute but it happend.

  • JC

    she looks so wasted

  • guest2

    Selena pushed herself a lot when she was a teenager with her mediocre talent. She had 3 albums and 4 movies in 2 years, a clothing line, a fragrancee, hosted A LOT of awards shows, done many red carpet events, festivals, 2 musical tours… and all this with a mediocre talent, she’s not the best singer nor the best actress. I always thought someday, this would go against her. And that’s exactly what is happening right now. She looks super exausted!!! I really wished she would’ve worked at her vocals and her acting in a healthy way. Like take acting lessons, learn writing her own lyrics… especially when she’s battling lupus( may god protect us all from it) . I wish her all the best , and i wish if she can go bach to her old friends and leave the famous friends to stay out of the spothight and work on getting better

    • Godney

      but i dont think its up to her. I think her people are just pushing her alot, kinda like they do with every teen celeb.

      • guest2

        But she’s the one who agrees to do it.

        • Godney

          yeah but put in those shoes, this is like your only chanse of doing this and you trust them because they know more than you.

  • lola

    Newly Released HQ and untagged hundreds of pictures of Selena Gomez’s shoot for Glamour and Seventeen

  • BrokenArrow18

    Not her best look.

  • Godney

    Chola hair?!